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Triple Winners abound at 4 events


Saturday August 19th - Allendale U12/U15/U18/Ladies/11½st/13st/AW *******************
Saturday August 19th - 2pm Gosforth Show U9yrs / U11yrs / U13yrs / U15yrs / Girls U15yrs / Ladies / U18yrs / 7st / 10½st Ch'ship / 13st / AW
Sunday August 20th - Torver U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW / Costume *******************
Thursday August 24th - Grayrigg Show U9yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / U18yrs &10st Ch'ship / U18yrs / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday August 26th - 12pm Holm Show, Newcastleton U13yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Saturday August 26th - 3.30 Bellingham U12yrs / U16yrs / U18yrs / Novice / Ladies 10st / Ladies / 7st / 12st/ 14st Ch'ship /AW
Saturday August 26th - 2.30 Millom & Broughton U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs Local / U16yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Sunday August 27th - 11am Grasmere U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Female: U15yrs / U18yrs / 10st / AW
Male: 8st / 11st / 12st / 13st / 14st / AW
Monday August 28th - 11.30 Silloth U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 8st / 11½st / 13st / AW
Monday August 28th - 3.00 Keswick U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11st Ch'ship / 13st / AW
Monday August 28th - 3.30 Black Combe U10yrs / U12yrs / U14yrs / U16yrs / U18yrs / Girls U10yrs / Ladies / 7st / 10st / 12st / AW

Jack Brown inside hipes John Harrington

Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge had a week-end to savour when he attended three events and won six weights. He began quietly enough at Dalston Show with a single win; doubled that success at Slaley Show later that afternoon; and on the Sunday against major opposition won all three men's weights at Forestburngate. Weighing in at under 12 stones, he stands well clear of six foot, with long bones for leverage and sinewy strength to attack and defend.

 Doreen and Cyril Bragg present John Harrington with the 11½st trophy at Dalston
Three female wrestlers each had triple wins: Gemma Coulthard ruled the roost at Appleby and Dalston before jetting off to Cyprus; Anna Hindmarsh did the same at Slaley and Forestburngate; and Rosie Hodgson still battling against the lads in the Under 12 Years was only beaten in the final at Appleby by Joe Charnley. The three girls all come from farming families and know how to cowp a sheep and hoist a bale. Anna and Rosie live more than a hundred miles apart in remarkably similar circumstances in remote Pennine valleys: Anna in Coquetdale and Rosie in Dentdale. Despite the distances involved the two families are the best followers of all the wrestling action.

Joe Threlfall fells Jack Brown

Zak Singleton of Rothbury also had three wins. His success in his Under 18s age category is scarcely surprising as he stands at six foot five, weighs 17 stones, has a good wrestling brain, and finishes falls with a forward roll. In the men's All Weights he is pushed harder, but still managed to hipe Joe Threlfall before the Preston wrestler took the next two with powerful twists over the knee, and came out on top of the pile at Slaley.

Gymnastics by Graham Brocklebank at Appleby Show



In my notebook recording scores of bouts last week, there are only two asterisks for falls that caught my eye as being in a class beyond excellent: for Ryan Armstrong's inside hipe that finished off Harry Wharton in the 11½ stones at Appleby; and for Cade Whitfield's hank of Joe Hale in the deciding fall of the Under 21s at Jason Davidson, referee, groundsman, chauffeur, coach, father of winning wrestlersForestburngate.



Finally, a tribute to Jason Davidson, not only the Rothbury coach, but their bus driver, the groundsman who prepared the ring at Forestburngate, the referee who kept the action going, and father of Emily and Thomas who were both winners this week.


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Appleby Show
Event First Second Third
Under 9 years M Benson B Wilkin T Armstrong
Under 12 years J Charnley R Hodgson J Wharton
Under 15 Years T Hodgson H Wharton R Armstrong
Under 18 Years I Dent R Armstrong T Hodgson
Girls Under 17 Years G Coulthard R Hodgson A Hindmarsh
Ladies G Coulthard R Hodgson A Hindmarsh
11½ Stone R Armstrong H Wharton T Benson
13 Stone G Brocklebank C Hitchcock T Benson
All Weights T Brocklebank C Hitchcock G Brocklebank
Dalston Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years R Hodgson J Charnley J Wharton
Under 15 Years T Davidson R Armstrong T Hodgson
Under 18 Years Z Singleton C Whitfield J Gibson
Ladies G Coulthard A Hindmarsh P Bowman
11½ Stone J Harrington A Carlile M Kirkham
13 Stone J Brown J Harrington A Carlile
All Weights J Threlfall Z Singleton J Brown
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years S Nichol E Stainton  
Under 12 Years R Hodgson M Stainton C Thorpe
Under 14 Years T Hodgson M Bates M Hodgson
Under 18 Years Z Singleton C Whitfield T Davidson
Girls Under 15 Years A Hindmarsh L Thorpe R Hodgson
Ladies A Hindmarsh A Bates H Thorpe
12 Stone J Brown C Whitfield T Davidson
14 Stone J Brown C Whitfield T Davidson
All Weights Z Singleton S Golightly J Threlfall
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years F Renwick W Wilkins L Mason
Under 12 Years R Hodgson F Cairns T Thompson
Under 15 Years T Davidson G Singer O Mason
Under 21 Years A Hindmarsh R Hodgson H Dennis
Girls Under 15 Years C Whitfield Joe Hale Z Singleton
Ladies E Davidson R Hodgson A Hindmarsh
12½ Stone J Brown Joe Hale C Whitfield
15 Stone J Brown Joe Hale F Cansfield
All Weights J Brown Jack Hale Joe Hale

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