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Wednesday December 13th 9.00pm - Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's Points Night at Currock House, Carlisle.

For centuries our wrestling has featured in the local newspapers, so when anyone enquires about their great-great-great grandfather's exploits in Victorian times, I always refer them to the archives held by the County library system. In 2015, when the Cumberland News celebrated two hundred years of continuous reporting, I attended a function to mark the occasion, and there on a table was a large, leather-bound tome of the earliest issues of the newspaper. Hard copies in a humidity-controlled room keeps the past records intact.

Then: woodcut from 1816

Books, too, tabulate Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. When I purchased a silver snuff box "wrestled for by the natives of Cumberland and Westmorland residing in London, April 20th, 1832", as the engraved lid informs, I knew that by looking in an 1870 book "Wrestliana" I knew I could fill in the recorded details for every year from 1824 onwards.
Now: DVD Cover for the 2017 season

Images of wrestling are more challenging and sparse. Crude wood-cuts are the only record of what the wrestling looked like before the first photographs appeared in the 1870s. Even then they were obviously posed because the camera could not cope with movement.

Now, in the digital age, a much more natural record of wrestling action is available. Every year since 2004 the Wrestling Association has produced a CD/DVD with images of its events. This year's DVD is now available with photos taken at forty-five of our events. Copies are available from the Secretary of the CWWA for £10 including P&P. All profits go the Wrestling Association.

Meanwhile, in the real world of wrestling mats and action, Carlisle Wrestling Club's December Junior Points Competition was a lively affair. Three wrestlers, Toby Coulthard, Matty Hodgson and Ryan Armstrong had double wins, but when the judges came together to award the best performance trophy for the night it was another wrestler who was nominated. Jonathan Wharton, who came first in the Under 12 Years, was also involved in some of the best falls of the night, and for that he was awarded the trophy.

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Carlisle Wresting Club Juniors Junior Points - December
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stones T Coulthard M Story A Coulthard C Armstrong
7 Stones T Coulthard C Armstrong Jack Gibson B Stewart
8½ Stones M Hodgson John Gibson C Wharton J Wharton
10 Stones M Hodgson V Davidson John Gibson M Story
Under 12 Years J Wharton V Davidson G Harris M Story
Under 15 Years R Armstrong V Davidson John Gibson Jack Gibson
Under 18 Years R Armstrong John Gibson M Hodgson C Wharton
Best Performance J Wharton

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