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Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Images from 47 events in 2016, now on DVD.



Sunday December 4th at 7.30 -Wrestling Image Show, Currock House, Carlisle
Wednesday December 7th - Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points
Wednesday December 14th - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior points

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling has its moments. Last night at an ordinary training session for Carlisle Wrestling Club at Currock House, with a few children, parents and wrestlers as onlookers, Vinnie Davidson, still at Junior school, was in a stalemate on the mat, when suddenly he executed a perfect outside-hipe, as good as any you could see. Down went his opponent, and the room filled with spontaneous applause. That fleeting moment in a hidden room in a Carlisle back-street is part of the heritage of the area.
Thomas Brocklebank and Ryan Dolan clash in the final of the Heavyweight Championship at Alwinton


Another bigger moment: the final of the All Weights Championship this year at Alwinton Show with a huge crowd round the big ring; the last fall of the season, for Ryan Dolan and Thomas Brocklebank have each won a fall, and this was the decider. The fall was in the balance for a long time but Brocklebank won, the crowd erupted.

How are these moments recorded?

Over two centuries of our wrestling has been captured in words and images. The Cumberland News now and in its original guise as "The Patriot" has recorded wrestling for more than two hundred years. The first book on wrestling was published in 1823. Trophies are engraved with proud moments. Images of wrestlers are in woodcuts, paintings, daguerreotypes, and photographs from the 1870s onwards. I have press cuttings with photos of my father from the 1920s.

With the arrival of the digital age, the recording of those moments has escalated. I remember the first computer photographs looked as if they were built up with Lego bricks, but soon the technology surged forward to its present sophistication.

In 2004, and every year since, a record of each wrestling season has been gathered together on a CD, shown to the public at a slide show, and sold to help the Wrestling Association funds. This year's event will be held on Sunday, 4th December at 7.30 in Currock House, Carlisle. This year's DVD has images from 47 different events of this Summer season.

The biggest problem now is to decide what has to be left out. Sometimes when CWWA Chairman, Linda Scott, is busy on the table or judging, she hands her camera over to someone in the crowd to use, and they keep their finger on the button too long. Hundreds of images of a single event can be the result of this scatter-gun approach.

All these images have been distilled down to a record of places, people and wrestling action which captures the spirit of our local sport.

(Written by Roger Robson ..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson, Linda Scott or Webmaster {2016})

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