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The European Espoirs Championships 2018


Sunday November 26th - Scottish Indoor Championships at Barmulloch Sports Centre, Glasgow
Friday December 1st 7.30 - Espoirs training session at Currock House, Carlisle. All welcome.
Sunday December 3rd 7.30 - Slide Show of the 2017 Season in the lounge at Currock House.

The European Espoirs Championships of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling are due to take place in Penrith on April 6th to 9th next year.
A month ago the fundraising was going well, but still short by three thousand pounds, and the first special training session had been arranged.
Since then the target figure to fund the hosting of the Championships has reached its target and beyond. More than twenty thousand pounds in the kitty means that we can start focusing on what matters rather than dithering about whether we could afford the project.

Last Friday was the first training session at Rothbury. Of course, the Rothbury lads were there in numbers, but there were also wrestlers from Carlisle and Waberthwaite. Even if no more wrestlers join the training sessions we already have enough to field a full team of seven wrestlers ranging from 57kg to the super-heavy at 90+kg.
The truth is, though, that we want more wrestlers to compete for places from all corners of our regional wrestling world. The next training session is to be held at Currock House, Carlisle at 7.30pm on Friday, 1st December. And the one after that will be at Kendal Academy.

The selection system for the team is keen to focus on the best wrestlers in training in two styles next March, rather than those who had done well in our own style in the Summer; or whether they belong to a particular academy. An academy has the right to appoint a selector, but they are required to attend 80 per cent of the training sessions so that they are suitably informed.

Coach Alan Jones in front of the senior wrestlers in Austria 2017. Andrew Carlile is second from right.
Two wrestlers well respected for their prowess and skill in both the Gouren and the Backhold Wrestling, Andrew Carlisle and Alan Jones, are the primary coaches with Jason Davidson contributing, too.

One of the main problems for young wrestlers is age. Laura Elliott, training keenly at Carlisle, is a few days too old, and the likes of Mark Wharton is a shade too young. The Espoirs Championships are for wrestlers aged 16 to 20 years. The men have seven categories: 57, 62, 68, 74, 81, 90 and 90+kgs, and the females compete at 47, 53, 60, 70 and 70+kgs. In general these are light weights for our competitors.

The case of Mark Wharton is particularly apposite as he did so well in the Men's Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club recently. At Gosforth Show in August he broke new ground by winning a Senior Championship at 10½ stones. On the mats at Currock house he sealed his new status by felling David Miller and Andrew Carlile in the Points Night competitions. He is ready for senior competition, but unable to compete at Espoirs level till next year.

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Carlisle Wrestling Club - Men's November Points Night
11 Stone M Wharton D Miller  
12 Stone M Wharton D Miller A Carlile
13 Stone A Carlile D Miller M Wharton
All Weights J Ewart D Miller A Carlile

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