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'leggie, leish and supple' - Jack Brown wins the All Weights Championship


Saturday June 24th - 1pm -- Alston Gala U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11½st / 13½st / Ladies / AW
Sunday June 25th - 1.30 - Ullswater Country Fair, Patterdale U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Saturday July 1st -1.30 - Skelton Show U13yrs / U16yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st World Championship / AW
Sunday July 2nd - West Cumbria Vint. Rally, Distington
Sunday July 2nd - 2pm -Langdale Gala U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11st / 13st / AW / Females U17 / Females Open

Jack Brown had one of the best days of his wrestling life at the Cumberland Show. He began well in his own weight, the 12 stones, felling John Harrington with lifting throws which utilised his tall frame. In the 14 stones he had to be content with third place in a strong field which was dominated by the Brocklebank brothers, Graham and Ben.

Then came the All Weights Championship to round off a fine day of wrestling, with the added Brocklebank brother, Thomas, the title holder in the lists.

Jack Brown had a light beginning when he continued his series of bouts with John Harrington in the first round felling him with a chest counter, and then a leg-up buttock. His second round opponent was more substantial and unknown, for Andrew Benn from Millom was making a come-back, and had already shown some of his skills. Jack finished him off with a cross-buttock after a spin.

In the semi-final Jack met Joe Hale, winner of the 12st Championship three weeks previously at the Northumberland Show. The two are very similar physically but it was Jack who won with back-heel and low hipe.

Jack Brown puts the power on Thomas Brocklebank.

The final brought together two very different wrestlers. Thomas Brocklebank, with his weight, power and wrestling instincts, goes for hold and knows how to use it. Jack Brown, like a character in an old Northumbrian ballad is "sae leggie, leish and supple"; and he is also a blacksmith, no doubt carrying anvils about under his arm.

Brocklebank's immense power was demonstrated with the first fall where he hiped Brown cleanly to the ground using only his shoulders.

The second fall was different in that Brown held his man at bay and then played the inside-click, in such a way that any normal twist from Brocklebank simply accentuated Brown's chip.

The third fall was different again when Brown kept his man moving until he was able to move in from the right side and bring him over with a right-side buttock and twist.

The crowd erupted, Jack's father, Josie dived into the ring through ropes, people and chairs, to land at Jack's feet.

Jack Brown with Danny Dunglinson, great grand-nephew of Ted Dunglinson. Danny was interested in finding out how many times the name J E (Ted) Dunglinson had been engraved on the Championship cup.

L to R:  4th Joe Hale,  2nd Thomas Brocklebank,  1st Jack Brown,  3rd Ben Brocklebank


I had the job of allocating the Guinness Trophy for the best wrestling performance of the day. No decision was more easily made.

Aaron Younger continued his precocious performance in the Under 10s; the Wharton brothers, Connor and Mark, won their age-groups in quick succession; Gemma Coulthard won again in the Girls Under 15 Years despite a twingey neck; George Wilson reversed last week's Under 18 Championship final when he felled Thomas Gibson; Graham Brocklebank continued his winning ways in the 14 stones; and Katy Brown set the standard for brother Jack when she won the Ladies Open event before he had even warmed up.

Quernmore Sports was taking place simultaneously, and not unexpectedly the main emphasis was on the youngsters wrestling. "No men for All Weights" said my note from Norah Hayhurst.

From Linda Scott, Chairman of the CWWA came this message:
The International Espoirs Championships 2018 event is planned to be held in Penrith from 6 - 9th April 2018.
We wish to invite anyone interested in coaching the team (Backhold/Gouren) to contact us by 11th July 2017. Nominations will be presented to the Governing Board for selection. Wrestlers who are interested in being in the team (male/female aged 16-20 years at competition date) are also invited to put themselves forward.
We would also like to hear from anyone wishing to judge or referee at the event.
All those interested please email:
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Cumberland Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years A Younger Jack Gibson N Guy
Under 12 Years C Wharton R Hodgson T Wilson
Under 15 Years M Wharton O Mason R Armstrong
Girls Under 15 Years G Coulthard A Hindmarsh R Hodgson
Ladies Open K Brown G Coulthard J Harrison
Under 18 Years G Wilson T Gibson M Wharton
12 Stones J Brown J Harrington A Carlile
14 Stones G Brocklebank B Brocklebank J Brown
All Weights World Championship J Brown T Brocklebank B Brocklebank
Guinness Trophy Jack Brown    
Quernmore Sports
Under 9 Years T Ashworth J-L Stainton G Hodgson
Under 12 Years R Hodgson B Giles T Coile
Under 15 Years M Stainton M Bowman G Drinkwater
Girls Under 18 Years R Hodgson K Cordukes H Carter
Under 18 Years .A Dearden D Townley H Carter.
13 Stones A Dearden B Hodgson D Townley
Ladies Open T Hodgson H Carter L Cordukes

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