some BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF present day and recently retired wrestlers

robert mcnamara

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I was born on 28th November 1964 in Duke Street, Glasgow.
My family and I soon moved to East Kilbride where I have lived ever since. I am one of five children, stuck in the middle of two sets of twins, one set older and one set younger than me - a situation which has led to some fierce battles with my twin brothers and sister.
I was always regarded as my father's blue- eyed boy by the rest of the family. That may well be, but maybe it was also the fact that my father took an interest in, and was good at, many sports - something that interested me too. At school I loved playing football, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, athletics, weight training and judo.
With the start of my secondary education, I came across the problem of being bullied to the extent of me taking days off school, with the result of dropping me back a year. The problem continued until a friend of my mother, whose son was a black belt at karate and a member of the Scotland squad, introduced me to the sport. It turned out to be one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I have ever done. I lasted a year and then at 13 years old, I found my true vocation "weight-training", I jumped in with both feet and within a year, I was unstoppable - and surprise, surprise, the bullying stopped as quick as it had started. At the age of fifteen I took up field athletics, mainly the shot putt, at which I achieved a moderate success.
I left school to join the Scots Guards, but during my time with them, I continued with my sports and won the Shot Putt in the Army Championships. Unfortunately, I had to be discharged from the army because of too many problems I was having with my knee.
Back on "Civvie Street", I found the transition was hard, with many problems. By the time I was 18, my knee problem had resolved itself, and I made up my mind to re-enlist again. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when I was shot in the left eye with an air gun pellet. This put an end to any hopes I had of re-enlisting and it took me some time to make the readjustment to a 'normal' life - but I did eventually!
At the age of 19 I discovered wrestling - freestyle wrestling. At first I just went to the club to watch, but I ended up taking part. For the next 7 years I combined the Freestyle on and off with my weight training. During that time I met someone and my son was born, which put different demands on my time.
I was introduced to back-hold wrestling during this period and it made me curious. The result was that I gave up the freestyle wrestling, but continued to weight train, and by the time I was 29, I was making inroads into the world of back-hold wrestling.
When I began my first competitive season, I think I made people sit up and take notice. I would go anywhere to wrestle and meet any challenge. I took my falls, took my defeats, brushed myself down and trained even harder. I can now look back with great pride on what I have achieved through hard work and persistence.
6 times Scottish Heavyweight Champion (consecutively)
5 times British Heavyweight Champion (consecutively)
2 European Heavyweight Championships (consecutively)
5 times World Heavyweight Champion (consecutively)
4 times Heavyweight Champion at Ambleside Sports (consecutively)
6 times Heavyweight Champion at Grasmere Sports ( 5 consecutively)
The most important date of my life was September 15th 2001 when I married Elizabeth Kelly.
At the moment the thing that drives me is my pride in who I am, and the fact that I am breaking more records. At 37 years of age, I'm more and more curious to know what people think of me, my achievements, and my records. I just hope that I have done myself and my country proud!