some BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF 20th century wrestlers

peter hunter


Born at Lamperts on the R. Irving in 1935. A shepherd by trade, Peter started wrestling in 1954, and at the age of 19 he was runner up at Grasmere in the All Weights to Ted Dunglinson. He won his first championship in 1957 at Langholm Common, as a middleweight, in a heavyweight competition, beating Ted Dunglinson in the 3rd round on his way to the final, where he defeated Reg. Armstrong. He and his elder brother Tom, his keenest fan and critic, would wrestle 70 or 80 holds every day. In his early years, he concentrated on improving his skill with a loose hold technique, but as he matured, his power increased and so did his weight, which meant a lot of running and skipping every day, to keep his weight below 12 stones. Following his brother’s advice to ‘keep calm at all times’, he developed an outwardly calm temperament, although he admits to feeling nervous before a competition. His wife claims he would not speak to anyone, the morning of an event. Renowned for his sportsmanship, he would always quietly warn his opponent as he took hold, and he never exhibited any antagonism during or after a bout. He claims his biggest rival was Jim Bland. He never smoked or drank alcohol, ‘but I loved food’. During his 30 years wrestling career, 28 of them at Grasmere, he won no fewer than 18 world championships.
He was 3 times 12 st. World Champion;
7 times 13 st. World Champion;
7 times 14 st. World Champion;
1 time Heavyweight World Champion.
He was named ‘Athlete of The Day’ at Grasmere in 1958; was runner up in the All Weights to Ted Dunglinson 6 times, and to Wilf Brocklebank, once. ‘Grasmere will always be the one to win’, he says.