some BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF 20th century wrestlers

Ted Dunglinson



9 times World Heavyweight Champion; He won 600 1st prizes in his career; His best year was 1954 when he gained 52 victories - a record which still stands; Ted was born in 1927; He died in 1992. He lived at Brunstock near Carlisle His average ‘fighting weight’ was 14 ½ stone. Whilst at Carlisle Grammar School, his PE teacher Tom Pollard encouraged his wrestling. He joined Gilsland Wrestling Academy just after the war, and with elder brothers Dan and James, and some local friends, practised the skills on his back lawn. He travelled widely to compete and soon became the man to beat. He was never known to practice much, relying on entering as many contests as he could in the summer and wrestling at the Academy in the winter. As a young engineering apprentice, he found he could earn the equivalent of 6 weeks wages in one weekend’s wrestling. He soon tired of regular work and became a entrepreneur/dealer in land, property, cars, horses, even a fleet of fire engines! He was a founder member of Carlisle Wrestling Club in 1970; a staunch member of the Board of Governors of the Wrestling Association; judged in events over a wide area; acted as a chauffeur for many wrestlers and athletes, and gave financial help to many young wrestling aspirants. He had fond memories of wandering the fells with Joss Naylor, the well known runner, and liked nothing better than to be out walking the Lake District Fells. A memorial service was held for him in St. Oswald’s church Grasmere, which is some indication of the esteem in which he was held there.