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The image of a swan moving gracefully through the water as its legs, hidden under the water, furiously paddle to keep on track, may be somewhat clichéd, but it serves well for our local wrestling. The basic hidden activity is a man with a lawnmower preparing the ring, the (usually) ladies taking entries at the table, the weekly hidden activity at the academies, and so on. The head of the swan, the brains, are those who can see beyond the local to the wider scene, both at home and internationally. Without them, we are a headless chicken!
CWWA Chairman, Linda Scott, is part of the entente cordiale

Before 1985, when the CWWA joined the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling, our sport was parochial. After that our wrestlers participated in memorable training weeks at Ti ar Gouren, the House of Wrestling, situated smack in the middle of the Brittany Peninsula. Since then generations of wrestlers have benefited from international travel and friendships.


Now the opportunity for a few young wrestlers to go higher into this international approach is presented by the Breton Federation.

 The international scene for traditional wrestling

The Federation of Gouren is planning to set up an Erasmus + project (a European project) to organize an international internship of European traditional wrestlings.   
The aimed objectives would be to let traditional wrestlers from West Europe isolated in their sport practice in their countries:    
 - to meet wrestlers from different countries,  
 - to discover the different styles of wrestlings,
 - to exchange on the way these wrestlings are practised and taught in their countries,  
 - to share training tools,
 - to highlight their cultural heritage, 
The age range would be 16 – 32 years old. The internship would take place in Ti ar Gouren (Berrien – Brittany) but it is possible to consider one or two other places if some of you would like to take part to the organisation of this project (this kind of Erasmus project can have one o two other events in other countries between 12 and 24 months).  
I'm asking the people who are interested in this project to give me a quick answer so that we can start the administrative procedures and write the application to Erasmus. The planned period : 2020 – 2022.”
(The signatory of the letter is Benoit Foll, an old friend of ours who is reliable and down to earth).

Appropriately, we are also making preparations for the next European Championships as a message from the CWWA indicates: “NOTICE TO ALL WRESTLERS & COACHES interested in being involved in the European Senior Championships in Reykjanesbær, Iceland, April 24th-28th 2019. Weight categories: Senior males: -62, -68, -74, -81, -90, -100 & + 100 Kg. Senior females: -50, -56, -63, -70, -80 & -90 Kg 
Training sessions in both Gouren and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling styles are planned to commence in January 2019 - dates and venues soon to be announced. The selection system for the team is keen to focus on the best wrestlers in training in both styles. An academy has the right to appoint a selector, but they are required to attend 80 per cent of the training sessions so that they are suitably informed.”

Finally, well under the water, but supremely important is the necessary renewal course for our coaches:
“The date of 2nd March is booked for the First Aid Training Course held by SGL Training. There is a maximum of 12 people allowed on the course so if we could get a few more interested that would be good. The course will be at Low Hesket Village Hall with a start time of 9.30am. Lunch will be provided.”
Coaches from four academies have already enrolled, but three places still remain. Any takers for any of the three projects? Happy Christmas.

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