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The invitation to our wrestlers to compete in the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling Championships in Iceland next April next year was a poignant affair because it was the last communication from Francoise Kermanach, the organisation’s long serving secretary, “Soaz”, before her death.

Next European senior championship will be at Reykjanesbaer (Keflavik airport town) from April 24th (arrival) to 28th (departure)  
The AGM will be on Wednesday evening after dinner. Please anticipate your time arrival (delayed flights).
Thursday 25th: 8 to 9am: 1st weighing, 2nd at 10.30
 9 to 10.30am: refereeing meeting (gouren, back-hold and glima)
Afternoon: opening ceremony and glima championship
Friday 26th & Saturday 27th: gouren & back-hold championship    Friday 26th:     6.30pm finals 
Saturday 27th: 5pm final: 6.30pm: trophy ceremony: 8.30pm: Ending dinner 

Weight categories
Senior males: -62, -68, -74, -81, -90, -100 & + 100 Kg
Senior females: - 50, - 56, -63, - 70, - 80 & - 90 Kg
Best regards

The area round Keflavik is not the most picturesque in Iceland. I remember many years ago travelling with Jim Bland from the airport to Rekkjavik. As Cumbrian farmer, he appraised the barren lava-desert landscape and came to the conclusion, “It’s not so much land, as space outdoors. However, nearby are many of the scenic treasures of the country, Geysir, which shoots a huge column of boiling water into the air, Gullfoss, the biggest waterfall I have ever seen, and Þingvellir, the spectacular home of Icelandic democracy.

Since our first trip to Iceland in 1990, generations of wrestlers have enjoyed the athletic and cultural exchanges in that country. With the Northerly latitude, we found ourselves socialising as the children played football in the park outside, only to realise it was three o’ clock in the morning.

 Icelandic wrestlers integrate at Crosby Ravensworth Show

Of course, we may have much longer contact with the Icelanders than thirty years, for there is good reason to believe that their ancestors introduced wrestling into Cumbria in the Dark Ages, along with place names, carved crosses, hog backed tombs and dialect words such as “laikin aboot.”

A hundred years ago they had a style of wrestling called axel-tok or back-spanning, which was identical to ours, but more recently they concentrated on Glima wrestling. Glima uses a leather harness, is very formalised and could be done indoors in their long winters without doing damage.

In the early days of IFCW the Icelanders tried to push Glima as one of the official styles for the championship, but it proved to be too complex for CWWA calendar 2019wrestlers from other countries who were forever fouling without knowing why.

The end of April seems a long time ahead, but now is when the planning for a team for Iceland is necessary.

The CWWA is in the process of organising a First Aid Course for all Academy coaches (and anyone else who would like to be involved) in February/March 2019. The full day course for a maximum of 12 people will be run by SGL Training at Low Hesket Village Hall. We would like to fill all 12 places if possible.
Copies of the 2019 Wrestling Calendar are currently being posted out to those who placed orders. There are a few extra copies at £10 each plus £2 if mailing is required. 

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