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Wednesday December 12th: Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points.

Superman: Graham Brocklebank

"So which super-hero are you going to be?" said the organiser at Aztec soft-play area in Carlisle, as Bobby, one of the youngest members of Carlisle Wrestling Club, prepared for action. "Superman? Spiderman?"

After a bit of thought, Bobby came up with his answer, "I'm going to be Graham Brocklebank," sez he.

What a good choice; for not many people are simultaneously 14st, 15st and All Weights Champion, and then voted the Wrestlers' Wrestler at the Presentation dinner.
Hero-worship and inspirational performances by senior athletes are important in any sport for its continuation and development. I dug out my autograph book from an old box of "treasures" and was transported back to Alwinton Show in 1952 when as a ten-year-old I circulated round the wrestlers for their signatures. Most of the names are scarcely remembered now, but George Davidson proudly signed his name with "High jumper 6ft 2ins Best".

Among a host of names, I remember Willie Foster of Brampton, Dicey Messer of Slaggyford, Ian Potts of Kelsocleugh and of course "J E Dunglinson" with "Allweights Champion 1953" added later.
From my father I inherited a handkerchief box of newspaper cuttings, all dating from 1908 to 1911, all detailing the exploits of his older brothers in the Northumbrian rings, and all signalling his abject hero-worship.
Good detailed coaching is important and the young wrestlers get that in good measure from two senior coaches, Alan Jones and Tom Harrington. The third Carlisle coach adds an extra ingredient: Andrew Carlile is not just their coach on the winter mats, but they have seen him smiling proudly behind huge trophies and flinging the opposition high and fast on the summer grass.
Meanwhile, the Carlisle club was in action with the December Junior Points competitions. With more than an hour and a half of constant action, and a score of young wrestlers in the entry for the Under 15 Years, the winner of the Best Wrestler trophy, Alex Baty, can be especially proud of himself.

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Carlisle Wresting Club Juniors Junior Points - December
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stones C Armstrong O Gibson A Baty A Coulthard
7 Stones T Coulthard M Story C Armstrong A Baty
8½ Stones M Hodgson J Wharton M Story C Wharton
10 Stones J Gibson M Hodgson D Coates J Dixon
Under 8 Years B Stewart T Armstrong    
Under 12 Years D Coates H Murray T Coulthard G Peacock
Under 15 Years J Gibson A Baty J Wharton H Murray
Under 18 Years R Armstrong J Gibson J Wharton G Coulthard
Best Wrestler Alex Baty Most improved U 12 Daniel Coates  
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