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Academy Shield Competition 2018 - RESULTS



In some ways Cumberland and Westmorland's Academy Shield for 2018 was a disappointment. Scheduled for what is laughingly called springtime, the Shield competition was made impossible by the Beast from the East with its miles of snowdrifts between our widespread academies. Moved to November last week, the competition was blighted by withdrawals, some of them very late in the day. In the end it was honed down to a straight Academy match between Carlisle and Rothbury, with impossible levels of food in the hospitality room next door to the School Hall with its wrestling mats.

Academy Champions 2017-2018, Rothbury Academy and its two coaches, Jason Davidson and Darren Whitfield
Yet from this sparsity came an afternoon of skilled, determined wrestling before an appreciative and knowledgeable audience. That understanding of the subtleties of the sport was exemplified by the award of the best wrestler trophy in the Academy Match. Belatedly, the organisers realised that the usual voting system of nominations from club coaches, but not for their own wrestlers, was not going to work.
Instead, the ad hoc solution was to ask one of our keenest supporters, who lives halfway between Rothbury and Carlisle and is unaligned, to make his choice. John Chicken has followed the sport as a spectator for years, and he came up with the choice of Cade Whitfield for the Best Performance Trophy. In fact, Cade had been beaten in his match with Jack Brown in the 13st section, but he had wrestled with such skill and effort against the multi-champion, that he fully justified John Chicken's choice.

The actual match was as close as could be with Carlisle ahead after the 13st category, when the club then ran out of senior wrestlers.
After a break a more relaxed re-run of the competition format but with doubling up and some re-arrangements, gave all the wrestlers a good run out, and pleased the audience.
Finally, five open competitions gave the wrestlers more exercise, and the audience more shouting to round off a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon of wrestling.

This year we hosted the European Espoirs Championships for wrestlers between 16 and 21 years. Next year it is the turn of the Senior European Championships which will be held in Iceland. Weight categories are:
Senior males: -62, -68, -74, -81, -90, -100 & + 100 Kg
Senior females: - 50, - 56, -63, - 70, - 80 & - 90 Kg

Get slimming, get saving.

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Academy Shield 2018 - Results
Event First Second Third
Academy Shield Rothbury ..... 8 Points Carlisle ...... 6 Points  
Best Individual Performance Cade Whitfield    
8 Stones W Hindmarsh H Dennis T Coulthard
10½ Stones J Cansfield M Lamont M Hodgson
14 Stones J Harrington F Cansfield A Carlile
Ladies All Weights G Coulthard A Bates A Hindmarsh
All Weights Z Singleton J Harrington F Cansfield
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