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Academy Shield Competition 2018


Sunday November 25th - Academy Shield Dr Thomlinson School, Rothbury, weigh in 12 noon.

.In the late Forties and 1950s, just after the Second World War, there was a huge resurgence of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. Over a hundred and twenty events affiliated to the Wrestling Association each year, lots of unregistered events at village fetes and parish teas were part of the scene, and Academies were rising up everywhere. When I was a lad there were three wrestling Academies in Northumberland alone, at Rochester, Wooler and Thropton. In the area now called Cumbria, there were so many academies and so much enthusiasm, that a fine Shield was presented as the main prize for an Academy League.
Bus-loads of wrestlers and spectators were shipped around the area for matches home and away, and village hall roofs were in severe danger of collapse with all the noise and excitement generated within. Then it all burnt out. The lately formed Kendal Academy was the only club that functioned in the 1960s, and the Academy Shield disappeared, presumed dead.
 “The boiler lid” otherwise known as the Academy Shield

When the academies started to function again in the 1970s with Carlisle Wrestling Club and St Michael's on Wyre Academy and the latest in the Rothbury area, some folk wondered about the Academy Shield and, like a conjuror producing a rabbit from a hat, the CWWA secretary suddenly produced it, probably from his attic.

The new version of the Shield competition aimed to avoid the faults that led to its earlier demise. Instead of being for men only, the categories began at 6 stones and went up a stone at a time. The result was that the whole academy was involved, not a select few. And now of course, we have female wrestling as well.

This Sunday, 25th November 2018, is the date for the next competition with a 12 noon weigh-in and 1pm start at Dr Thomlinson C of E Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury NE65 7RJ

The competition has been re-arranged for the above date following it being postponed due to snow in March of this year, by The Beast from the East. Starting in the afternoon allows people to travel home at an earlier hour.
Carlisle were the winners of the Academy Shield when it was last wrestled for in November 2016 at Low Hesket.

 Low Hesket Hall focused on the Academy Shield wrestling the last time it was held in Nov 2016

The home team, Rothbury, obviously have a strong chance of gaining it this year with four young champions in their lists. Carlisle, as usual, will be in with a good chance. Waberthwaite Academy with their young set up are travelling the hundred and more miles to compete. Milnthorpe Academy is small and young this year so will not take part, and Kendal Academy, normally one of the favourites will be missing, too.
Carlisle Wrestling Club had some good news this week when Direct Rail Services donated £250 to the club to help with the purchase of new wrestling mats to replace the tired ones we have had for nearly twenty years.

The CWWA is producing a wrestling calendar again this year. Orders have to be in pronto to Linda Scott (07808933812) The calendar celebrates the best pictures of the last year whether funny, picturesque or action-filled.

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