Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association

Presentation Dinner of the Cumberland and Westmorland Style Wrestling Association 2018


Sunday November 25th - Academy Shield Dr Thomlinson School, Rothbury, weigh in 12 noon.





The Presentation Dinner of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association brought together wrestlers and supporters from all over our area. The Northumbrians of Rothbury Wrestling Academy arrived in a big bus, which was not surprising considering how many Champions and Victor Ludorum points winners were in their ranks. All the Junior CWWA Championships were won by Rothbury wrestlers thanks to their bus driver and coach, Jason Davidson.
The Brocklebank family from Warton in Lancashire nearly had to hire a low loader to bring all their cups for the ceremony. Ben brought the 13st cup; Graham weighed in with the 14st Belt and the magnificent trophies awarded for the 15 stones and All Weights. The best one is the All Weights which was first awarded when the Wrestling Association started in 1906, and of course contains the names of Graham's father, Harry, and his grandfather, Wilf.

John Harrington, Jack Brown and Graham Brocklebank, the leading points scorers in the Heavyweight classes, 2018 CWWA President Tom Harrington and his wife, Gillian, present Graham Brocklebank with “The Wrestlers’ Wrestler Trophy” at the Presentation Dinner

Just to complicate matters further, Graham Brocklebank also won the Heavyweight Victor Ludorum Trophy for the 2018 season; and on the night was the popular choice for "The Wrestlers' Wrestler Trophy" which is voted for by active wrestlers on the night.

His cousin Rosie had a good night for she romped away with the points tally for the Under 12 Years Victrix Ludorum trophy, and she took the honours for the Under 17 Girls. Big sister, Connie, won the Open Ladies section by only two points ahead of Gemma Coulthard. Still in the same family, the Under 15 Years Trophy went to Ted Hodgson

Ryan Armstrong, with his new-found strength and technique won the Under 18s in the last weeks of the season.

Not unexpectedly, Andrew Carlile (Lightweights), Jack Brown (Middleweights), and Graham Brocklebank (Heavyweights) won their classes, but always hovering in the places was John Harrington who had a consistent season of skilled wrestling.

In the midst of all the applause there was a time of silence when we remembered a Breton, "Soaz", Francoise Kermana'ach, who was a great servant of the international scene, and a particularly good friend of ours. She came to help run the Espoirs Championships at Penrith, but died last week after a prolonged illness.

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Championship and Victor Ludorum Results for Cumberland and Westmorland Style Wrestling 2018

Victor Ludorum Max Bates Lamont Zak Singleton Connie Hodgson Connie Hodgson Andrew Carlile Andrew Carlile Jack Brown Ben Brocklebank Graham Brocklebank Graham Brocklebank Graham Brocklebank Gus Singer


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