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What are the Basics of a Wrestling Academy for Cumberland and Westmorland Style Wrestling?


Friday, November 9th - at Low Hesket Village Hall: The CWWA Presentation Dinner: Tickets from the Secretaries by November 2nd.
Wednesday November 14th - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points.
Sunday November 25th - Academy Shield Dr Thomlinson School, Rothbury, weigh in 12 noon.

David Parsons referees at Crosby Ravensworth

What are the basics of a wrestling academy for Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling?
That question arose when I was ringing round some of the coaches of the present academies, and I was pleased to hear that Milnthorpe Academy was up and running despite recent problems.
Now with his new hip in fluent action, the Milnthorpe coach and organiser, David Parsons, has the academy in action again for this winter. David many years ago was secretary of the much bigger and long-established Kendal Academy but became disaffected by his treatment at some of their meetings. Instead of giving up, he set up his own academy in his home patch of Minthorpe and it has run ever since. It has always been the smallest of the five academies, but has been an important part of the wrestling scene.
This year he will not be taking a team to the Academy Shield at Rothbury, because all his wrestlers are under the age of 12 years. They are a nice nucleus of around ten youngsters from the Milnthorpe and Levens area; ideal for David's club, but not competitive for the demands of the Academy Shield. They meet every Thursday from 7pm to 8.15pm Junior Football Pavilion behind the Beetham Road car park.
The answer to the initial question is that you need at least one adult keen enough to organise a venue with wrestling mats, to turn up reliably each week and create the enthusiasm and skills to sustain the club. First Aid qualifications, child safety checks and affiliation to the CWWA for insurance support are also a modern-day requirement, of course.
David Parson's other hip is playing up now, but he has arranged to have it fixed next May specially so that it does not interfere with the running of Milnthorpe Academy next year. I call that dedication.

 Irene Harrington presents John Gibson with the Joe Harrington cup for the 10 Stones  Irene Harrington presents Harvey Murray with the cup for Under 12 Years  Irene Harrington presents Charlie Armstrong with the Best Performance Cup Abi Marston presents Harvey Murray with the Most Improved Wrestler Cup

Meanwhile Carlisle Wrestling Club seems to be blossoming in its new quarters at Low Hesket Village Hall. The hall was busy with wrestlers and supporters for the first Junior Points Night of the season, including several new members from the local area. No fewer than twenty young wrestlers entered for the Under 15 Years section, and there were still more to come in the Under 18s.

The Best wrestling trophy went to Charlie Armstrong from beside Longtown, and the new "Most Improved Wrestler" cup went to local lad, Harvey Murray.

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Carlisle Wresting Club Juniors Junior Points - November
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stones M Story C Armstrong J Thompson A Baty
7 Stones T Coulthard C Armstrong A Baty M Kent-Carlile
8½ Stones M Hodgson J Wharton C Wharton D Coates
10 Stones John Gibson J Wharton M Hodgson D Coates
Under 12 Years H Murray Jack Gibson D Coates C Armstrong
Under 15 Years John Gibson D Coates J Wharton C Wharton
Under 18 Years R Armstrong M Hodgson T Evans G Coulthard
Best Performance CharlieArmstrong Most Improved Wrestler Harvey Murray
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