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2018 Championship Winners


Friday, November 9th - at Low Hesket Village Hall: The CWWA Presentation Dinner: Tickets from the Secretaries by November 2nd.
Wednesday November 7th - Low Hesket Village Hall Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points
Wednesday November 14th - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points.

Lord Inglewood helps take the weight of Graham Brocklebank’s 14st belt at Ambleside Max Bates with the Under 15 and 8st trophy at Gosforth

This year's Championships have fallen into a distinct pattern, with the Rothbury Academy hugely successful in the boys championships, Kendal monopolising the heavier weights and the Ladies titles, and Carlisle Wrestling Club taking a tasty slice in the middle.
The success of Rothbury Academy in winning all the boys' championships is a great accolade for the resurgence of the club under the two coaches Darren Whitfield and Jason Davidson. The four winners include Little and Large with the diminutive Max Bates winning the Under 15 Years and 8 stones category against inevitably bigger opposition, and a very long journey to West Cumbria; and Zak Singleton, lofty and wide, winning the Under 18 Years at the Cumberland Show.
The other Northumbrians, Gus Singer (U15) and Matthew Lamont (U18/10st), are clever, spirited wrestlers who are a credit to themselves and their coaches.

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association Championship Winners for 2018

Under 15 yrs and 8 stones Max Bates Gosforth Saturday August 18th
Under 15 yrs Gus Singer Northumberland Show Monday May 28th
Under 18 yrs and 10 stones Matthew Lamont Appleby Show Thursday August 9th
Under 18 yrs Zak Singleton Cumberland Show Saturday June 16th
Ladies 10 stones Connie Hodgson Eskdale Show Saturday September 29th
Ladies All Weights Connie Hodgson Penrith Show Saturday July 28th
10½ stones Andrew Carlile Powburn Show Saturday August 4th
11 stones Andrew Carlile Hethersgill Vintage Rally Sunday May 6th
12 stones Jack Brown Holm Show Saturday August 25th
13 stones Ben Brocklebank Grasmere Sports Sunday August 26th
14 stones Graham Brocklebank Ambleside Sports Thursday July 26th
15 stones Graham Brocklebank Dalston Show Saturday August 11th
All Weights Graham Brocklebank Westmorland Show Thursday September 13th

At the other end of the table is a Brocklebank Lancastrian monopoly. Ben Brocklebank did well to take the 13st title at a soggy Grasmere Sports, but his exploit was surpassed by brother Graham winning all the three top weights: the 14stones in July, the 15 stones in August and culminating in the All Weights at the Westmorland Show in September.
The Ladies' championships were monopolised by his cousin Connie Hodgson who has kept hold of the two ladies championship trophies since they were instituted.
The senior lightweights and middleweights were the domain of tutor and pupil, Andrew Carlile and Jack Brown. Carlile is a model athlete keeping himself in great trim and always thinking of a cunning plan. He had the double win of 10½ stones and 11stones titles, while Jack Brown with his long levers and blacksmith's strength, had to be content with only the 12st title this year.

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