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Winter Season of Indoor Wrestling begins

The clock changes this weekend, just as wrestlers become indoor athletes. The crumbs of the Grass Season are tidied up and plans are made for the Winter programme. Last week's CWWA Governing Board meeting reviewed a full season when entries for the younger wrestlers were full and lively; and the senior wrestlers were diminishing in number.
The CWWA Presentation Dinner, which takes place on Friday, 9th November at Low Hesket Village Hall is a well-established event which, at its heart is a rewards night for the most successful wrestlers of the season who have amassed most points towards the Victor Ludorum trophies. Last year all the Champions and their fine array of trophies also got together, and it is hoped that the same will happen this year with all four Northumbrian youth champions making the journey, and the Brocklebank family from Warton in Lancashire hiring a low loader to fetch all their cups and belts. Above all it is a place and time to talk, talk, talk.
The Rothbury club hosts this year's Academy Shield, and that is to take place on the Sunday afternoon of 25th November in The Dr Thomlinson School, weighing in at 12 noon and action starting at 1pm. One of the Rothbury coaches, Darren Whitfield has also sent a message about the 2019 Breton Backhold Championships which will be held on the weekend of the 2nd February in Guingamp. He is happy to organise the trip if there are enough numbers to attend. Any one who is interested should contact Darren ASAP. Numbers need to be confirmed by Christmas.
One wrestler who will not be on that trip will be Thomas Gibson from Hesket. Instead, he will be working hard in New Zealand. Luckily, he will be back by next April, in time for the start of the 2019 season.
The Breton Championships also affect a First-Aid course that is imminent and compulsory for all academy coaches. A new date will be found and circulated. As well as the need for medical qualifications, there is a requirement for information for the child protection scheme required by our insurers, so get forward with passports, driving licences and utility bills to keep the CWWA secretaries happy.

Some of the wrestlers who attended the first night at Low Hesket Village Hall

Winston Churchill said that we make our buildings and afterwards they make us. To a lesser extent that also applies to indoor wrestling facilities, so I was interested to see how Carlisle Wrestling Club was affected by its move to Low Hesket Village Hall for the Wednesday night sessions. With the extra space would there be more running around and distraction. The opposite seemed to be the case, with a host of young wrestlers sitting along the edge of the mat. The programme of individual wrestling bouts, skills training, use of the crash-mats and the team matches to end the busy night kept the youngsters busy. A team of three and sometimes four coaches controlled the masses, and gave individual help as needed. A massive car park, and a mug of coffee put into my hand also helped my enjoyment of the evening.

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Wasdale Head Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years R.Hodgson M. Stainton J-L. Stainton
Under 13 Years R. Hodgson A. Walton M.Stainton
Under U15 Years T. Hodgson R. Hodgson M. Stainton
Under 18 Years R. Armstrong T. Hodgson M. Stainton
10½ Stones T. Hodgson M. Stainton A. Walton
12 Stones R. Armstrong T.Hodgson M.Stainton
*Ladies R. Hodgson L. Wilson  
All Weights R. Armastrong T. Hodgson A. Walton
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