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Rain, rain and more rain at Alwinton and Wasdale

We must be mad

"We must be mad," we said when we were soaked just getting in to the car to travel to Alwinton Show. "We must be mad," we said dodging the floods on the Military road. Half way through the wrestling programme, Gavin Fox on the mike commented, "If it couldn't rain any harder, it just did." Saturday was a desperately wet day at both Alwinton Show and that at Wasdale Head a hundred miles West. Luckily there were enough other mad people to give us an exciting afternoon of wrestling.

Some of Under 13 years wrestlers  at Alwinton

At the start the heroics were performed by the second-place wrestlers. In the Under 10s Kaitlyn Singer battled her way through the lads and then took the middle fall in the final from the much larger, George Younger. In the Under 13s Aaron Younger was in a class of his own, but he met Charlie Armstrong from Longtown in the final after the smaller lad had waded through heavier opposition.
Alwinton is a showpiece for the Rothbury Wrestling Club and its wrestlers responded well with success in four of the age categories. Aaron Younger, Gus Singer and Joe Hale all won their sections with high level skills. Then Carlisle wrestlers came into their own with Andrew Carlile continuing his brilliant form for this season, winning easily in the 11½ stones against the lively Gus Singer, and then out-wrestling Joe Hale in the 14st semi-final before taking a fall in the final from Jack Brown.
 The final fling of the season: Jack Hale swings Joe Hale Tom Mason congratulates Jack Hale on his win in the All Weights

The last bouts of the season provided a lively finale. Some heavy lads joined the list of entries, and in the end the prize-money all stayed in Northumberland. The final was a family affair as the two Hale brothers, Joe and Jack, from Rothbury were the only two left standing. In the first bout Jack won by swinging Joe round at low level and at high speed by the ears. The second hold was equally explosive when Joe cross-buttocked at lowest possible level. For the conclusion of the final and the whole wrestling season, Jack swung Joe round three times before changing direction to twist him back over. You never see more intensity and determination than when brothers meet.

Meanwhile, back in the real winter world, Carlisle Wrestling Club had an excellent turnout at its new venue of Low Hesket Village Hall. Young and old, and lasses and lads, are welcome there any Wednesday night until March.

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Alwinton Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years G Younger K Singer M Kent-Carlile
Under 13 Years A Younger C Armstrong L Thomson
Girls Under 16 Years G Coulthard H Dennis A Hindmarsh
Under U16 Years G Singer A Younger O Mason
Under 21 Years Joe Hale Z Singleton G Mason
11½ Stones A Carlile G Singer M Lamont
14 Stones J Brown A Carlile Joe Hale
Ladies Open G Coulthard H Dennis A Hindmarsh
AllWeights Jack Hale Joe Hale Z Singleton
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