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A day to remember for The Hodgson Family at Eskdale Show


Saturday October 13th - 12.30pm Alwinton Show: U10yrs / U13yrs / U16yrs / Girls U16yrs / U21yrs / 11½st / 14st / Ladies / AW
Saturday October 13th - Wasdale Head Show: U11yrs / U12yrs / U13yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 10½st / 12st / AW

2018 Wrestling Venues

Trevor Hodgson was 14st Champion in 1987 and 1989. Thirty years later and his family were bossing the wrestling at Eskdale Show.

Connie Hodgson winner of the Ladies 1st Championship 2018

Top of the pile was Connie Hodgson who continued her amazing greediness with the Ladies Championship trophies by continuing her monopoly since they were instituted in 2016. She has held both the Ladies 10st Championship and that for All Weights without interruption. Mind you, she could have been eliminated last Saturday as the commentator was calling for the competitors to weigh in there was no sign of Connie. Then we spectators became aware of a sort of red towelling marquee with a body struggling inside. Eventually Connie emerged more or less decent, ready for action after her run to the top of Scafell Pike in a plastic bag to shed the last ounce.

In the first round she met the far-travelled Anna Hindmarsh. For a moment the leg-up buttock was in the balance but it went Connie's way. Not unexpectedly, she met her sister Hannah in the final, taking the first fall with a cross-click after a long struggle. The second went along with that old favourite: a good hold and a rush forward off the right hip.

The Hodgson family took all the places in the Ladies 10st Championship: Rosie, Hannah, Connie and Trevor



When Trevor Hodgson was asked to present the prizes he found himself with a line-up of three of his daughters, Connie, Hannah and Rosie who had gained all three places.

Already in the afternoon, Rosie had won yet another Under 12 Years event and brother Ted was in two finals. That left the All Weights when some strapping men from the crowd made up the biggest part of the entry, and entered the lists. Who should appear to confront them but paterfamilias Trevor. In the final he met a strong athletic lad called Josh Crayston. It was a close affair, including a dog-fall, but for the last bout of the day, my notes record "Trevor Hodgson: back-heel and hod"

The trip back to Dentdale must have been a happy and wealthy occasion.

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Eskdale Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years R Hodgson M Stainton B Stewart
Under 15 Years N Pitts T Hodgson T Benson
Under 18 Years R Armstrong N Pitts T Hodgson
Ladies 10 Stone WorldChampionship C Hodgson H Hodgson R Hodgson
Ladies All Weights C Hodgson G Coulthard H Hodgson
10½ Stones H Wilson T Hodgson T Benson
12 Stones R Armstrong T Benson E Frost-Pennington
All Weights T Hodgson J Crayston H Wilman
Upper Redesdale Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years A Mackay D Byatt T Rideau
Under 13 Years A Younger O Morrison T Morrison
Under 16 Years M Lamont W Ayliffe M Bates
Girls Under 16 Years H Dennis R Mackay A Mackay
13 Stones M Lamont W Ayliffe A Younger
All Weights C Carlyle Jack Hale M Lamont
Ladies Open A Bates H Dennis  
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