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Saturday September 29th - Eskdale Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies 10st World Championship / Ladies AW / 10½st / 12st / AW
(Eskdale Show has been running for 154 years with very few gaps. 2018 marks their 150th show.)
Saturday September 29th - 2pm - Upper Redesdale Show, Rochester: U10yrs / U13yrs / U16yrs / Girls U16yrs / Ladies AW / 13st / AW

2018 Wrestling Venues

Wrestling’s future: Charlie Armstrong, Alex Batey, Jack Hughes, and Tom Armstrong
Langhom Show's wrestling began with an extra class at Under 10 Years, and nothing could have been more suitable, as the little lads from the Longtown area and other locals made it one of the best classes of the day. Do not imagine that this was some sort of impromptu schoolyard rough and tumble. When you have had weeks of training by champions like Tom Harrington, Alan Jones and Andrew Carlile at Carlisle Wrestling Club last Winter you have to wrestle with style and technique beyond your years.
Charlie Armstrong led the way and then reached the Under 12s final with Rosie Hodgson who literally stood head and shoulders above him. Rosie's big brother, Ted, then took over to win the Under 15s where he had the skills of John Gibson and Matty Hodgson to surmount.
Ryan Armstrong hipes Ted Hodgson.

All the other categories were won by what would have been the bookies' favourites doing their special skills: Ryan Armstrong hiped his way to win the Under 18s; Anna Hindmarsh showed full control in the Ladies, winning with twists and cross-buttocks; Andrew Carlile kept his pupil Ryan Armstrong under full control in the 12½ stones final, winning the first with a rush off the right hip and then resorting to neat twisting.; and of course, if Richard Fox is in the lists, you expect a spectacular buttock, and it came in the very last fall of the afternoon in the All Weights final against Ryan Armstrong.

Langham Show is a small wrestling event at the end of a very long and busy season. Its setting in parkland surrounded by trees and hills is idyllic, and a knowledgeable crowd gathers ringside, but you would never guess how magnetic the event was from such appearances. A small contingent of Hodgsons from Dentdale was not unexpected even though they live so far South in Cumbria, for they have been everywhere this year to the huge benefit of wrestling. Anna Hindmarsh was more of a surprise entrant this year, but she had come from the opposite end of the Pennines, Coquetdale with a relative who was judging sheep.

Two spectators stood out for me: Raymond Rogerson from Longhorsley and Eric from Haltwhistle. Raymond Rogerson, a great lightweight champion in his day, set out by satnav from the far side of Northumberland, on his own, and made his way by the narrowest of roads just to spectate.

There was no satnav for Eric for he relies entirely on public transport to reach the ringside to set up his wooden tripod chair near the action. I was left wondering how he managed it for I have seen him ringside at several shows throughout the area. Ufortunately he is unable to make it to the last event of the year, Alwinton Show. He has done his research and found that public transport only reaches to Thropton in Coquetdale.

The keenness of these people is humbling to observe, and it shows an element of the intrinsic strength of our ancient sport

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Langham Show
Event First Second Third
*Under 10 Years C Armstrong A Batey J Hughes
Under 12 Years R Hodgson C Armstrong A Batey
Under U15 Years T Hodgson M Hodgson J Gibson
Under 18 Years R Armstrong T Coates T Hodgson
Ladies Open A Hindmarsh R Hodgson H Thompson
12½ Stones A Carlile R Armstrong T Hodgson
All Weights R Fox R Armstrong A Carlile
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