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All Weights Championship at Westmorland Show provides lots of excitement


Saturday September 22nd - 12.00pm – Langholm: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Saturday September 29th - Eskdale Show: including Ladies 10st Championship
Saturday September 29th - Upper Redesdale Show, Rochester

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Richard Fox fells Jack Ewart at Egremont
As the Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling season calmed down after its busiest fortnight, the Westmorland Show lifted it up to peak excitement again, as the All Weights Championship was resolved at the Westmorland Show.
Big men from all parts travelled to compete and immediately in the first round there was a major upset when one of the favourites to win was felled in the first round. Former Champion and local hero, Thomas Brocklebank, came up against the lighter but dangerous wrestler, Richard Fox, who immediately set about his major strategy and buttocked to win.
In the second bout Brocklebank kept full control and won the day with plenty of hold and a back-heel. The decider was one of the best falls of the day when Fox went low for the cross-buttock and won the day by the smallest of margins.
As at Rothbury a fortnight earlier, this left Graham Brocklebank to sustain the family fortunes, and he rose to the occasion in the very next bout in the second round when he hiped Fox after some low swinging.
In the final it was Jack Hale of Rothbury against Graham Brocklebank of Kendal Academy. Hale went into the lead with a twist and outside-stroke. After that it was high speed twisting action between the two with Brocklebank coming out on top and completing a remarkable treble where he is champion at fourteen and fifteen stones as well as the new honour of the All Weights Championship. His father, Harry, and his grandfather, Wilf, were both heavyweight champions. The tradition continues.

 All the winners at Egremont
Richard Fox in the meantime got over any disappointment by winning the double at Egremont Crab Fair, felling John Harrington and Jack Ewart in the thirteen stones and All Weights finals.
Graham Brocklebank, All Weights Champion at the Westmorland Show Connie Hodgson finds the way to fell Vikki Beattie

At Kendal, Graham Brocklebank won the award for the best senior wrestler for he had also won the 14 stones in style. Jack Brown at 12 stones and Ben Brocklebank at 13 stones also had notable wins in strong company.
Aaron Younger, too, must be commended for travelling far to compete aginst the strongest contingent of under 12 wrestlers. His attacking wrestling put paid to Joe Charnley in the final and gained him the prestigious Best Junior Wrestler Award.
Andrew Carlile and John Harrington are old opponents, but I never cease to enjoy the skill-fest and the uncertain outcomes of their many encounters, as seen at both Kendal and Egremont.

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Westmorland Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years A Younger J Charnley J Saunders
Under 15 Years J Southward T Hodgson J Saunders
Girls Under 17 Years G Coulthard R Hodgson K Cordukes
Under 18 Years Z Singleton O Mason M Lamont
Ladies Open C Hodgson V Beattie H Hodgson
11 Stones and Under 21 Years M Kirkham M Lamont T Benson
12 Stones J Brown J Harrington S Wilson
13 Stones B Brocklebank J Brown R Fox
14 Stones G Brocklebank J Brown J Harrington
All Weights Championship G Brocklebank Jack Hale T Gibson
Best Junior Wrestler Award A Younger    
Egremont Crab Fair
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years R Hodgson H Naylor N Butterworth
Under 15 Years A Spedding T Hodgson M Hodgson
Under 18 Years R Armstrong A Spedding T Hodgson
Ladies Open G Coulthard R Hodgson T O’Neill
11½ Stones A Carlile H Wilson M Kirkham
13 Stones R Fox J Harrington M Kirkham
All Weights R Fox J Ewart J Harrington
Thropton Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years G Younger L Mason L Evans
Under 12 Years J Wilkins W Wood W Wilkins
Under 15 Years M Bates T Howson R Woolett
Under 18 Years Z Singleton M Lamont O Mason
Girls Under 15 Years H Dennis B Mason  
Ladies Open A Hindmarsh H Dennis  
13 Stones O Mason M Lamont M Bates
All Weights Z Singleton Jack Hale M Lamont
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