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Championships, Visitors from Iceland and 5 events please the crowds


Saturday, August 4th - 1pm - Cockermouth Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday August 4th - 2.30 - Powburn Show: U10yrs / U13yrs / U16yrs / 10½st Championship / Local Novice / Female / Middleweight / AW
Sunday, August 5th - 1pm - Gilsland Show:U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13½st /AW
Thursday, August 9th - 12.15 - Appleby Show: U9yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18 yrs & 10st Championship / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 11st / 13½st / AW
Thursday August 9th - 3.30 - Ings: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11st / 13½st / AW / Ladies.
Saturday, August 11th - 12.00 - Dalston Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / 15st Championship / AW
Saturday August 11th - Slaley Show:
Sunday, August 12th - Forestburngate:
Sunday August 12th - 1pm - Lowther Show : U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW

2018 Wrestling Venues

Wrestling in a perfect setting; John Harrington back-heels Andrew Carlile
Cumberland and Westmorland wrestlers have been busy and far-travelled this week with five events pleasing the crowds. A party of young Icelanders aged 15 and 16 years widened their experience and did particularly well at Langholm and Penrith. Kjartan Ketilsson found a niche and his good form to win boys classes at both events.

The prizewinners in the Ladies All Weights Championship at Penrith: Marta Louisa Kjartandottir, Connie and Hannah Hodgson and Gemma Coulthard

Two senior championships were settled: the Men’s 14st belt at Ambleside and the comparatively new Ladies All Weights at Penrith.
Connie Hodgson has monopolised the Ladies’ championships since their inception, and she continued her good form felling the powerful Vikki Beattie in an early round, the steadily improving Gemma Coulthard in the semi-final and her sister, Hannah, in the final. Aged 22 years and with many years of experience, Connie, is at her peak, just as she embarks on another phase of her life as a teacher at Kirkby Kendal School after the holidays.

The Brocklebank brothers, Thomas, Graham and Ben, with their spoils from Ambleside

Her cousin, Graham Brocklebank, was the winner of the 14st Championship at Ambleside Sports, where he also had a sibling, Ben, in the final. All was not completely plain sailing for Graham for Jack Brown, the holder, took a middle fall with a “straight out of the blocks” buttock and Ben did much the same in the final.

The Brocklebank/Hodgson/Stainton extended family made a huge contribution to wrestling in the past week with Rosie and Ted doing well in the points.



There is a particularly close and interesting scenario in the Kendal area with the Hodgsons, Thomas Wilson, Joe Charnley, Tyson Benson all able to take falls out of each other.

Beautiful wrestling in a beautiful place; Ben Brocklebank hipes John Harrington at Amblesidedouble champion, Jack Brown

Success for the Carlisle wrestlers has mainly been through the senior men with John Harrington, Andrew Carlile, Jack Brown and Richard Fox all gaining wins and pushing the opposition to the limits. When

Harrington and Carlile face up to each other a close, intricate, and highly technical bout is bound to ensue as demonstrated at both Ambleside and Penrith.

John Wilson and his proteges from the local schools round Ambleside

The costume line-up at Ambleside

At Penrith two young heavyweights Thomas Gibson and George Wilson fought out the last bout of the day, the All Weights final. After a bruising encounter when Gibson went ahead and then was overtaken by Wilson, commentator, Alf Harrington, had the last word: “If that’s the future of wrestling, we’re all right.” And so say all of us.

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Ambleside Sports
Event First Second Third
Local Schools M Benson, Langdale S Halliday, Grasmere H Hicks, Grasmere
Under 12 Years J Charnley A Younger R Hodgson
8 Stone M Hodgson M Bates F Cairns
Under 15 years T Benson T Wilson T Hodgson
Girls Under 15 Years R Hodgson E Wilson J Benson
Under 18 years E Robson T Benson T Hodgson
Ladies 10½ Stone H Hodgson L Elliott R Hodgson
Ladies AW C Hodgson G Coulthard V Beattie
11½ Stone J Harrington A Carlile G Gudmundsson
12½ Stone J Brown A Carlile S Wilson
14 Stone Championship G Brocklebank B Brocklebank R Fox
All Weights T Brocklebank G Brocklebank G Wilson
GuinnessTrophy Graham Brocklebank    
Langholm Common Riding
Event First Second Third
*6 Stone E Dirom C Forster A McKinnell
Under 12 Years R Hodgson T Coulthard A Younger
Under 16 Years K Ketilsson G Gudmundsson M Stainton
Ladies Open G Coulthard M Kjartansdottir R Hodgson
11½ Stone J Harrington G Gudmundsson K Ketilsson
13 Stone R Fox J Harrington “Booby”
All Weights R Fox R Anderson E Robson
Penrith Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years / 6 st C Armstrong J Thompson M Kent-Carlile
Under 12 Years R Hodgson E Wilson A Younger
Girls Under 15 Years R Hodgson E Wilson S Kent-Carlile
Under 15 Years K Ketilsson T Hodgson J Gibson
Ladies AW Championship C Hodgson H Hodgson G Coulthard
11½ Stone A Carlile K Ketilsson J Harrington
13 Stone J Brown R Fox J Harrington
All Weights G Wilson T Gibson R Fox
Beetham Sports
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years M Benson J-L Stainton E-A Stainton
Under 12 Years M Stainton J Talbert P Hall
Under 14 Years M Stainton S Rucastle J Birkett
Under 16 Years A Beston Benson J Birkett
Under 18 Years T Benson A Beston  
Girls Under 17 Years K Cardukes J Benson L Hall
Ladies Open A Bradshaw K Cardukes J Benson
13 Stone T B Nenson A Beston N Stainton
All Weights G Brocklebank A Beston T Brocklebank
Cartmel Show
Event First Second Third
Under 9 Years G Hodgson J-L Stainton E Charnley
Under 12 years R Hodgson J Charnley M Stainton
Under 15 Years T Hodgson T Wilson T Benson
Under 18 Years T Benson T Hodgson D Smith
Ladies Open G Coulthard J Benson R Hodgson
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