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Safety of newcomer signings takes priority - and time - at Coniston


Friday, July 27th - 2.30 - Langholm Common Riding: U12yrs / U16yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday, July 28th - 1pm - Penrith Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U15yrs / Ladies AW Championship / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday, July 28th - 2pm - Beetham U10yrs / U12yrs / U14yrs / U16yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / 13st / Ladies Open / AW
Wednesday, August 1st - Cartmel Show
Saturday, August 4th - 1pm - Cockermouth Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday, August 4th - Powburn Show: 10½st Championship
Sunday, August 5th - Gilsland Show
Thursday, August 9th - 12.15 - Appleby Show: U18 and 10st Championship
Wednesday August 22nd - 3.30 - Ings:

2018 Wrestling Venues

At Coniston our organisers were kept very busy at the wrestling table with lots of newcomers and a lady cracking the whip for them to hurry and get finished as she needed to bring the horses into the ring.
Tyson Benson Swamps Ted Hodgson

The busy start at the wrestling table was exacerbated by form-filling, with all three entries in the Under 8 Years, (put on as an extra class to encourage the tinies), and ten of the Under 12 Years needing disclaimer forms completed before we could get started. These forms are important to regulate the safety side of the sport.
Some very determined newcomers put up great performances but it was the familiar wrestling names of Charnley and Hodgson that were winners.


Tyke Benson had to be at his best to cut his way through John Gibson, Ted Hodgson and Matty Hodgson to win the Under 15s. Then John Gibson turned things around to beat Tyke in the Under18 Years semi-final and Matty in the final.
Connie Hodgson who will be defending her Ladies All Weights title on Saturday at Penrith Show made short work of all she met at Coniston.


Andrew Carlile fells Adrian Myers at ConistonSimilarly, Andrew Carlile, warming up for Ambleside Sports, lifted first prize in the 11½st and 13st classes with Graham Brocklebank taking first in the All Weights.
Robert Albion, who took second place in the 13st must be commended - the tickets were ready to be drawn when he suddenly appeared at the wrestling table wanting to enter. Still out of breath from running up and down Coniston Old Man in the fell race, he entered, kicked off his trainers and got straight on with it.
In midweek Carlisle Wrestling Club hosted a party of Icelandic wrestlers who are here for Ambleside, Langholm and Penrith wrestlings. Mats were fetched and returned to the Gibsons' farm because of Currock House ongoing renovation, and they were trained, fed and watered. Their wrestlers are all between fourteen and sixteen years: two girls (contenders for the Ladies All Weights Championship at Penrith) and three lads.
Andrew Carlile, Alan Jones and Tom Harrington gave a good hour of tuition in our Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling style and the evening finished off with a meal put together by Rachael Marston, Gillian Gibson and Linda Scott.

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Coniston Country Fair
Event First Second Third
Under 8 Years E Charnley E Kershaw L Kirkby
Under 12 Years R Hodgson B Kirkby J Charnley
Under 15 Years T Benson M Hodgson T Hodgson
Under 18 Years J Gibson M Hodgson T Benson
Ladies C Hodgson R Hodgson L Albion
11½ Stone A Carlile T Hodgson M Hodgson
13 Stone A Carlile R Albion A Myers
All Weights G Brocklebank A Myers A Carlile
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