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Sunday June 24th - 1.30 Ullswater Country Fair, Patterdale: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW / Costume competition.
Saturday June 30th - Alston Gala:
Sunday July 1st - Langdale Gala: U9yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 11st / 13st / AW
Sunday July 1st - 1pm West Cumbria Vintage Rally, Distington: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 12½st.

2018 Wrestling Venues

The two wrestling events which took place last week-end could scarcely be more different. The Cumberland Show is on a massive scale to represent all the different facets of rural life: rows of trade-stands, two rings, marquees forever and a big, specially laid out wrestling ring.
Quermore in Lancashire is mainly a fell-runners' event with scores of them streaming up the nearby hills, and the wrestling has to wait for the maypole dancing to finish.

 Show President, Graham Jenkins presents Zak Singleton with the championship trophy.The main event at the Cumberland Show was the Under 18 Years Championship and the eventual winner, Zak Singleton, stood out head and shoulders above the others, literally. He is a big lad at six feet four inches, well suited to his work as an apprentice plasterer for he rarely needs a step-ladder. He is also a very good wrestler having learned that trade at Rothbury Academy over the last four years. Obviously he hipes well but is well versed in ground wrestling, too.
John Gibson weighs up the opposition

As if to emphasise his advantages, in the first round he met John Gibson, the smallest wrestler in contention.
Any chance of physical parity vanished when Rothbury's Frazer Cansfield felled the substantial Edward Robson who had travelled from Burton-on-Trent to compete in his family's sport.

Mark Wharton, on his usual good form, took out Cansfield in the semi-final so ended up against Singleton in the final where he succumbed to a hipe and a back-heel.

Last year's Under 18 Champion, Thomas Gibson, made his mark in the All Weights by felling the most powerful Brocklebank, Thomas, in the semi-final. In the final, though, he came against Richard Fox, taking a rest from clipping sheep who took the deciding fall with a right-leg back-heel.

Jack Brown took the prestigious Guinness trophy home for the best performance with a win at 12 stones and runner up at 14 stones.

 Jack Brown deploys his rescue equipment as Andrew Carlile tries to hipe him

One of Jack's falls was astonishing when Andrew Carlile executed a perfect hipe. As they headed for the ground Jack , face down, spread his legs to the limit and created a framework that could not be overturned. Carlile crumbled backwards.
The powerful Graham Brocklebank was able to control Brown in the final of the 14 stones, not just with strength but guile, too, when he countered a hank with a neat toe trip and throw forward.
Youngest brother Ben had been left at home to mop up both men's weights at Quernmore. The Hodgson family dominated the rest, with the exception of Joe Charnley's Under 12s win.

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Cumberland Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years A Batey J Thompson O Gibson
Under 12 Years A Younger C Armstrong Jack Gibson
Under 15 Years M Hodgson O Mason John Gibson
Under 18 Years Championship Z Singleton M Wharton F Cansfield
Girls Under 15 Years S Kent-Carlile K Coulthard S Jackson
Ladies Open V Beaty G Coulthard L Elliott
12 Stones J Brown M Wharton A Carlile
14 Stones G Brocklebank J Brown A Carlile
All Weights R Fox T Gibson T Brocklebank
Guinness Trophy Jack Brown    
Quernmore Sports
Under 10 Years G Hodgson A Addison A Dickinson
Under 12 Years J Charnley R Hodgson O Willoughby
Under 15 Years T Hodgson J Charnley M Stainton
Under 18 Years T Hodgson J Charnley T Charnley
13 Stones B Brocklebank T Hodgson T Charnley
All Weights B Brocklebank G Hargreaves R Charnley
Ladies Open L Cordukes K Cordukes C Strickland
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