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6 Wrestlers have double wins, Ted Hodgson has 3


Saturday June 16th - 1pm - Cumberland Show: U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18 Championship / Girls U15yrs / Ladies AW / 12st / 14st / AW
Saturday June 16th - Quernmore Sports:
Sunday June 24th - Ullswater Country Fair, Patterdale:

2018 Wrestling Venues

steam power and muscle power from Aaron Younger


Batches of the wider Hodgson family played a large part at all three wrestling events of last weekend, especially if you include the Brocklebanks and Staintons who are closely linked.


Six wrestlers had double wins and Ted Hodgson had three.

Brandon Snowdon lifts William Hindmarsh high at the Roman Wall Show

One exceptional performance came from Aaron Younger who won the trophy for the best wrestler Under 18 Years at The Roman Wall. Next day he won at Corbridge as well. A stocky lad, he has no extra weight or height, but is quite simply a clever wrestler.

Another Rothbury wrestler, Brandon Snowdon, also had a double in two days. He is new to us this season, but he is stylish and strong.

In the female wrestling, Gemma Coulthard continued to win wherever she went and even taking a fall out of Connie Hodgson, the double champion.


In the men's wrestling, John Harrington showed his class over the two events, but had to give best to Jack Brown in two finals at Corbridge.


The Brocklebanks have always been good supporters of the Roman Wall Show, but only Graham made the trip. He was weighed out of the 13½ stones, but went on to give a show of power and skill in the All Weights where he felled John Harrington in the final. When he returned South to his home territory at Lowgill Sports in Lancashire, he found big brother Thomas well rested and in winning form.

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Roman Wall Show
Under 12 Years A Younger R Hodgson M Stainton
Under 15 Years B Snowdon T Hodgson W Hindmarsh
Under 18 Years F Cansfield T Hodgson B Snowdon
Ladies G Coulthard T Bertram R Hodgson
11½ Stones J Harrington A Younger T Hodgson
13½ Stones J Harrington M Kelly F Cansfield
All Weights G Brocklebank J Harrington F Cansfield
Lowgill Sports
Event First Second Third
Under 9 Years C Walker E Charnley J Dent
Under 12 Years J Charnley R Hodgson H Hargraves
Under 15 Years T Hodgson J Charnley J Saunders
Under 18 Years T Hodgson T Charnley J Guy
Girls Under 17 Years R Hodgson D Preece A Saunders
Ladies Open R Hodgson D Preece L Preece
11 Stones T Hodgson J Charnley J Saunders
13 Stones J Guy T Hodgson T Charnley
All Weights T Brocklebank G Brocklebank S Booker
South Tyne Steam Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years G Hodgson C Walkinshaw  
Under 12 Years A Younger G Hodgson C Walkinshaw
Under 15 Years B Snowdon J Denham W Hindmarsh
Under 18 Years R Armstrong M Lamont B Snowdon
Girls Under 17 Years G Coulthard A Hindmarsh G Hodgson
Ladies Open C Hodgson G Coulthard H Hodgson
12 Stones J Brown J Harrington T Hodgson
14 Stones J Brown J Harrington C Carlyle
All Weights T Gibson C Hall J Brown
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