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Gus Singer, Under 15 years Championship winner for 2018


Thursday May 31st 6.45pm - Killington Sports: Boys: 6-8yrs / 9-11yrs / 12-14yrs /Girls U17 / Boys: 15-17yrs / Men 18-20yrs / AW / Ladies AW.
Thursday June 7th 7.30pm - Book launch of Toby Litt's "Wrestliana" at Cakes and Ale café, Castle Street, Carlisle.
Saturday June 9th 1pm - Roman Wall Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11½st / 13½st / Ladies / AW
Saturday June 9th - Lowgill
Sunday June 10th - South Tyne Steam Show, Corbridge:

2018 Wrestling Venues
Contenders for the Under 15 Championship. Winner, Gus Singer second from the left
Gus Singer has been a good wrestler for many years, following big brother and sister into the ring, and keeping up his contact with Rothbury Academy. Last year he was a main contender for the Under 15 Years Championship; this year he was unstoppable as he surged through the rounds. His main ploy is to swing the opposition away and then finish them off with an outside stroke. The only time he had to vary his pattern was in the semi-final when he met the taller Robbie Bulloch. On that occasion he feinted strongly to the left and then went for the buttock with great panache.
In the final he met Ted Hodgson of Dent, who carried with him the hopes of Kendal Academy. In came Singer's swinging hipe; up and round went Ted until a neat touch of an outside stroke finished off each bout. We have a very skilful and worthy Under 15 Years Champion for 2018: Gus Singer.

From the beginning of the bouts in the big Northumberland Show ring we had skill and action: Charlie Armstrong won the Under 10s and another Carlisle wrestler, Jonathan Wharton, won a tough Under 12s final against Aaron Younger.
In the Under 18s Zak Singleton, had the unusual experience of meeting a wrestler nearly as big as himself. His semi-final with Eddie Robson on holiday from the Midlands, was rough and tough, but Zak's superior ring craft eventually won through. In the Ladies Open, Kendal wrestler and double champion Connie Hodgson felled Laura Elliott in the final.

>John Harrington hanks Charlie Oliver

The men's wrestling was to the usual high standard. John Harrington put in the base without actually gaining a first prize despite reaching the latter stages of each weight. Jack Brown won the 12stones, Richard Fox bustled his way to success in the 13½ stones, and there the usual pattern ceased. The winner of the All Weights was the comparatively inexperienced James Oliver, a hill farmer from the Cheviots North of Wooler.

Earlier in the week-end Cumbrian Young Farmers competed in their Northern Field Day. Best performance of the day came from Mark Wharton who felled Kieran Miller in the final of the 11½st. The finals of the Over 11½st were a feast of well-directed weight and power when Joe Thompson felled Thomas Gibson in the semis, and was himself out-gunned in the final by man-mountain, Jamie Lightfoot.

Commiserations to Robbie Bulloch who injured his knee in the Under 18s at the Northumberland Show and is in plaster for the next two weeks. Hurry back.

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North Cumbria Young Farmers Club Field Day Results
Men under 11½ Stone Mark Wharton (Raughton Head) Kieran Miller (Wigton) Paul Murray (Lamplugh)
Men over 11½ Stone Jamie Lightfoot (Caldbeck) Joe Thompson (Penrith) Thomas Gibson (Raughton Head)
Ladies under 10 Stone Laura Graham (Caldbeck) Sarah Emmott (Greysouthen) Tilly Whitehead (Drigg)
Ladies over 10 Stone Laura Elliott (Kirklinton) Kerry Scott (Longtown) Gemma Coulthard (Raughton Head)
Field Day Trophies
The Andy and Gillian Potts Cup C and W Wrestling Team with most points Raughton Head
Tom Harrington MBE Tray Best Girl C and W wrestler Laura Elliott, Kirklinton
Wharton Trophy Best overall C and W Wrestler Mark Wharton, Raughton Head
Northumberland County Show
Under 10 Years C Armstrong M Dixon G Hodgson
Under 12 Years J Wharton A Younger R Hodgson
Under 15 Years Championship G Singer T Hodgson R Bulloch
Under 18 Years Z Singleton M Wharton E Robson
Ladies 10 Stone H Dennis R Hodgson G Hodgson
Ladies All Weights C Hodgson L Elliott G Coulthard
12 Stone J Brown J Harrington M Wharton
13½ Stone R Fox J Harrington J Brown
All Weights J Oliver G Wilson J Harrington
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