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The wrestling season starts to pick up speed


Saturday May 26th - Northern District YFC Field Day
Monday May 28th 1.30pm - Northumberland Show: U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs Championship / U18yrs / 12st / 13½st / AW / Ladies 10st / AW
Thursday May 31st 6.45pm - Killington Sports: (Check their web-site for age groups and categories)
Thursday June 7th 7.30pm - Book launch of Toby Litt's "Wrestliana" at Cakes and Ale café, Castle Street, Carlisle.
Saturday June 9th 1pm - Roman Wall Show: U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11½st / 13½st / Ladies / AW
Saturday June 9th - Lowgill
Sunday June 10th - South Tyne Steam Show, Corbridge:

2018 Wrestling Venues
We had the first flicker of the new Wrestling Season at Hethersgill Vintage Fair, when Andrew Carlile retained his 11st title. After a pause, now, the action begins in earnest with a busy and varied programme of events. Wrestling features strongly at a huge Agricultural Show, at traditional country sports meetings, at a sheep show high on the Roman Wall, and at the Northern Field Day of Cumbrian Young Farmers. In addition a rare event will be held in Carlisle to launch a newly published book by Toby Litt, great-great-great-grandson of William Litt who published his iconic book, "Wrestliana" in 1823…and all in a fortnight.

First on the list is the YFC Field Day held near Carlisle Airport. This is a closed event where wrestlers compete to win points for their club rather than cash for their pocket. Usually the trained wrestlers come to the top of the pile, but with so much power and enthusiasm on display, anything can happen.

The huge Northumberland Show, now nicely settled into its new site at Bothel seven miles east of Hexham, hosts the second championship of the season, the Under 15 Years, currently held by Thomas Davidson who came out on top at his home event , Rothbury Mart, last year.

Killington Sports and Lowgill Sports are in the old mode of the post-War era: both lost down narrow lanes yet gathering an enthusiastic crowd of participants in fell races, egg throwing, sack races and the like. The wrestling fits nicely into its natural habitat.

The Roman Wall Show also has the feeling that it has been there forever, perched on a high ridge directly adjacent to the Roman Wall, and looking along its accumulating rocky outcrops and narrow lakes. Wrestling has always had a natural affinity with shepherds so it is appropriate that the action takes place alongside the serried pens of Hexham Blackies and Chivvit yowes.

Last years entrants for the Under 15 championship, with the winner, Thomas Davison at the extreme right

Rarest of all is the book launch. Since 1823 when William Litt published "Wrestliana" there have been only around a dozen books published where wrestling is a main ingredient, so Toby Litt's new book is a rara avis. A well published writer, an academic teaching creative writing at a London College, he brings a different perspective to our sport's history and survival. Anyone with an interest in our wrestling should be crowded into the Bookends café, Cakes and Ale for that event.

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