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For some years now a small, credit-card-sized booklet has been available to paid-up members of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association which contains all relevant information about contacts, rules, and, most importantly, the full wrestling diary for the whole season. Compilation used to be a struggle with late season events slow to supply information, but Linda Scott commented: “We are getting earlier with these every year as shows are getting better at confirming dates - hopefully next year we will have them ready before the season starts.”

The event that got away was the Hethersgill Vintage Rally which saw Andrew Carlile retain his 11st title over the May Bank Holiday. But ahead in the lists lie another fifty-eight events spread out round the North of England and the Borders of Scotland: thirty-six spread evenly throughout Cumbria, fifteen in Northumberland, three each in Scotland and Lancashire and two in Weardale, County Durham.

In general, the programme remains solidly the same as last year, but two have called it a day and two new events have affiliated. Wrestling at Great Eccleston Show dates from the time when Bill Threlfall was reviving the wrestling scene in Lancashire in the 1970s. Mainly the show is a battlefield for massive machines pulling huge weights while deafening the crowd. Wrestling flitted round the edges for some time, so its demise is no great surprise. The other drop-out from our programme is Lunesdale Show. There was always a balancing act between keeping the Rugby pitch playing surface pristine, and heavy rain was always cause to cancel.

As replacement we have South Tyne Steam Show , Corbridge on 10th June, and return of a previously held event at Lowther Show on 12th August. Equally pleasing is the fact that last year’s newcomers Thropton and the Upper Redesdale Show at Rochester are holding wrestling again. We should also give hearty good wishes to Keswick Show which has had such turmoil in recent years mainly due to flooding.

One of the features of this year’s programme, because of the way the calendar affects show-dates is that in a period of less than a fortnight, from 22nd August to the 2nd Sept no fewer than seventeen events are scheduled with only two days blank. Obviously there are lots of clashes and no-one can attend all events, but such a wealth of wrestling must continue to tempt the Bretons and Icelanders to join the fun.

The £30 affiliation fee for events provides the host with a well-run table, judges and officials, and insurance. No-one receives any expenses: Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling is a professional sport run by dedicated amateurs.

The £20 individual membership subscription (£5 for Juniors) may provide people with the little membership booklet, but much more importantly it is a measure of shared support for the administration, assured regulation, and trophies provided by the CWWA for the last hundred and twelve years. Maintaing a precious traditional sport in a modern context.

“Support the Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling Association by becoming a member. Adults £20, Juniors £5 yearly subscription. You will receive a handbook which includes dates of CWWA affiliated events from May to October, wrestling rules, and academy contact details. Handbooks available from the Table at forthcoming events or contact Linda Scott 07808 933812.”

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