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Carlile retains the 11 Stone Championship

Mrs Elsie Elliott presents Andrew Carlile with the 11st Championship trophy

Under the bluest of skies at Hethersgill Vintage Rally Andrew Carlile retained his 11st Championship and once more took home the magnificent trophy.
He had no easy ride and had to be at his very best from the outset because his first round opponent was Ryan Ferrey who had travelled down from Hamilton seeking another championship. Basically Carlile powered the Scot down twice off the right side to cut through Ferrey's twists and turns.
Andrew Carlile powers down Ryan Ferrey in the championship.

The final was a home-grown affair with double lightweight champion Mark Wharton taking on his mentor, Carlile for the title. On the winter mats Wharton had a good measure of success, but here on the grass Carlile was a decisive winner with the last twist, and in the second fall relying on a back-over outside stroke and twist.

Ryan Ferrey missed out on his main objective, but wrestled with great flair in the heavier weights. When he and Andrew Carlile met in the final of the 13 stones, Carlile went ahead with fall of the day: a series of swinging hipes. Ferrey fought back with his low centre of gravity and won the next two falls with a back-heel and a buttock executed millimetres from the turf.

A good Northumbrian contingent added greatly to the entertainment, and Zak Singleton excelled by winning both the Under 18s and the men's All Weights. In the All Weights final he towered over Ryan Ferrey and used his great height advantage to hipe. Another Northumbrian, Robbie Bulloch wasPaul Gibson on gardening duty. on good form and won at Under 15 Years.

Kendal Academy, too, had wrestlers forward and Rosie Hodgson won the first event of the year, the Under 12 Years. Gemma Coulthard beat her in the ladies, and then went on to keep control of the Scots wrestler Victoria Kirk to pick up her winning ways from last year.

The Spring weather had created problems with the ring before the wrestling could start. A hard stony ring was rejected as potentially dangerous, but the alternative was spongy and rutted until sand was brought to fill the holes.

The wrestling was nicely enlivened by the return after five years away of Watchai Noimai, a Thai lad who used to travel around with Michael Harrington. He was visiting his step-dad, and dived whole-heartedly into the action. An Argentine wrestler appeared also in the All Weights where Andrew Carlile coped with him.

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Hethersgill Vintage Rally
Under 12 Years R Hodgson J Thornton M Stainton
Under 15 Years R Bulloch C Wharton J Gibson
Under18 Years Z Singleton M Wharton O Mason
Ladies G Coulthard V Kirk R Hodgson
11 Stone Championship A Carlile M Wharton R Bulloch
13 Stone R Ferrey A Carlile M Wharton
All Weights Z Singleton R Ferrey A Carlile

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