Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association

the 2018 Wrestling Season gets underway this weekend


Sunday May 6th 1.30 Hethersgill Vintage Rally, Carlisle Airport U12/U15/U18/Ladies/11st Championship/13/AW

.A new season of Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling begins on Sunday 6th May with Championship wrestling at Hethersgill Vintage Rally; and a new book with C&W wrestling as a central component was published in London on May 1st.
Toby Litt, Author

In 1823 William Litt published his iconic book "Wrestliana"; in 2018 Toby Litt, an academic and well-published author and direct descendant, publishes his "Wrestliana", where he explores various aspects of his own relationship with sport, literary prowess and attitudes in the modern world.
I knew the publication was about to happen as I had already been sent an advance copy, but more than that I did not know, At midnight last night I decided to type "Toby Litt Wrestliana" into the internet, and that launched a profusion of material on Twitter, Bloggs, Facebook and the web-sites of various London bookshops and literary events, and even a Carlisle launch event. I was delighted, overwhelmed, and confused. The book seemed to have more than one cover, two different dates were given for the Carlisle launch in early June, and several of the preliminary passages were of chapters and passages that had been omitted from the final version of the book.

Amidst all this material could be seen the dichotomy between the Northern home of C&W wrestling and the world that Toby Litt normally inhabits. In a way the book is several books. I learned so much about William Litt, especially his other writing. I shared Toby Litt's modern angst about how modern males can express aggression in a wholesome way.
He certainly did his research up here, making several visits and immersing himself in the sport. I first met him at Bootle Village Hall when he arrived with a distant cousin to make contact at the Academy Shield. We talked the next day at my house and arranged later visits, particularly round the time of Grasmere, Keswick and Ennerdale. And most importantly to him and one of the main themes of the book he visited in the autumn to overcome his fears and wrestle on the mats of Carlisle Wrestling Club where he gave a good account of himself.
He also gave a good account of us, and the ambience of the sport.

L to R: Andrew Carlile, Rachael Marston, Alan Jones, Shirley Jones, Robert Wharton,  Linda Scott, Gillian Gibson, Jason Davidson.
One photograph of the recent Espoirs Championship was never used in paper or web-site. Obviously the winning teams and individuals are the ones to be celebrated at the end of the action, but I thought that one of the telling moments at the end of the presentations was when the organisers were prised from the crowd to have their team photograph taken with the Herdy mascot. So here it is with many people missing, but with the central organising group intact: three coaches, Andrew Carlile, Alan Jones and Jason Davidson; the powerhouse for basic organisation and pursuit of sponsorship: Rachael Marston, Shirley Jones, Robert Wharton, Linda Scott and Gillian Gibson.
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