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Congratulations to Helen Housby for shooting the last second winner of the Netball at the Commonwealth Games against the previously all-conquering Australians. The coolness and economy of her tall slim figure, and the determined set of the chin was there for the world to admire.

In the traditional wrestling world based round Carlisle Wrestling Club, we have our own long term memories of Helen. In 2004 she was a regular at the club, attending with her brother and cousin. She wrestled in all the Points Competitions at under 6st and under 12 Years. It would be good to say that she was a star, but she was not a winner at that time. I remember her more for the gymnastics she got up to on the wrestling mats and wall bars of the Currock House Gym. She spent as much time upside down in hand-stands as hiping and hanking.

After a gap of a few years she suddenly reappeared as a wrestler at the Young Farmers Field Day for North Cumbria. I cannot remember how she did but I do have an image of her hanking and making herself awkward to the opposition with her slim, flexible build.

 Russell Housby receives the main prize in Carhaix 2004

While searching my computer for details and perhaps a photograph of her I was reminded that she was not the first internationally acclaimed star in her family, for in 2004 her cousin Russell Housby and I travelled to Brittany in my car. The Cumberland News headline for 5th March declaimed -

"Magnifique! Russell shows the Bretons he's no fall guy".
"We were in Brittany for the Breton Open Backhold Championships, and had travelled through snow, fog and lightning (all simultaneously) to be there. The thirty-strong Spanish contingent was stuck on the wrong side of the snow-blocked Pyrenees, but the Scots had flown in safely.
Two of us made up the English contingent: I was there for a meeting of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling and to judge during the event; but Russell Housby had a more important role: he was there to fell anyone they put in front of him.
And he did."
Not only did Russell win his own category, he then went on to the open competition and beat all-comers, including the redoubtable Matthieu le Dour. "The 18 year old wrestler, who plays rugby for Aspatria, was generously applauded by the locals who appreciated the way he coped with all that was flung at him."

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