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The Bretons win both Male and Female Competitions at the 2018 European Espoirs Championships



Championship competitors

A Northumbrian piper paraded fifty young wrestlers from seven countries onto the mats at Penrith Grammar School to mark the opening of the European Espoirs Championships of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling.

Two days later, after constant intense action in two traditional wrestling styles, Backhold and Gouren, the dust eventually settled on a double win for the Bretons. The Breton girls were well ahead of the field, and the Breton lads finished four points ahead of the strong Austrian team. Thomas Grossig of Austria was judged the best wrestler of the whole competition and our own Thomas Gibson was awarded the trophy for the best Backhold wrestler.

The English team: Sam Wilson, Alex Wragg, Michael Kirkham, Emily Davidson, Alice Bates, Zak Singleton, Thomas Gibson, Frazer and Jacob Cansfield.


Our male team came third which is apparently their best performance in this particular competiton, and every single member of the team wrestled their hearts out. Alice Bates was thrown around by an ultra strong Austrian and damaged her shoulder mid bout, but still held on to take a bronze medal in the Gouren. Frazer Cansfield, in a strong 90kg class, seemed inches shorter than all his opponents, but still battled through to Thomas Gibson with his Best Wrestler trophysecond place in both disciplines.



Best of all for our English team was Thomas Gibson who was tough enough to win the Gouren section, and skilled enough with his hipes and general wrestling nous to take the Backhold section and gain the admiration of the officials to be awarded the best performance trophy.

Champions also were all the members of the organising committee from the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association, who along with multiple volunteers gave us an occasion to be proud of when Northern businesses, authorities and individuals backed the event with sponsorship and goods that made the event possible.

Team Results:

Females: 1, Brittany 76; 2, Iceland 51; 3, Austria 34; 4, Spain 33; 5, England 18; 6, Hungary14; 7, Scotland 12.
Males: 1, Brittany 89; 2, Austria 84; 3, England 75; 4, Spin 60; 5, Iceland 32; 6, Hungary 20; 7, Scotland 16.
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