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Three new CWWA Board members elected at Annual Genereal Meeting


European Espoirs Championships Training Sessions
European Espoirs Championships Training Sessions
New Board Member, Catherine Coulthard, in charge at Langdale
Three new Governing Board Members were elected at the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association's recent Annual General Meeting: Jason Davidson, Neil Hindmarsh and Catherine Coulthard. The common factor for all three is that they travel many hundreds of miles each Summer season and play a full part in their home academies. Jason Davidson is one of the main coaches at Rothbury Academy and acts as bus-driver when the Community Coach is called into use.

Matty Hodgson (10st) and Matthew Story (Best Performance), trophy winners at Carlisle Wrestling Club

The meeting confirmed into the wrestling rules a practice which has been normal protocol in the ring for some years. The rules of wrestling are scrupulously democratic and a majority decision decides the outcome in every bout, with one exception, when only one of the three officials sees a break of hold and stops the bout. This quirk comes from the specific nature of the action of our wrestling where a brief break of hold is sometimes only visible to a single official. I know that whenever I watch wrestling and a break occurs, my instant electric reaction is to throw my hands up and say "He broke". On one occasion in Lancashire I even saw the crowd give the decision when there was an automatic reaction to a break of hold which none of the officials had noticed. Of course, the best reaction of all is for the offending wrestler to signal his offence.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Points Trophies have been won and lost. A lively cohort of Junior wrestlers were competitive to the end, though Jonathan Wharton in the Under 12s and Ryan Armstrong in the Under 15s and Under 18s were particularly dominant. The men's competitions were poorly attended, though the All Weights was always a goodly struggle, with Jack Ewart, the club's most faithful attendee winning out in the end. Around this time of year the Young Farmers Clubs queue up for tuition in wrestling in preparation for their Field Day competitions, so the club is still fully active and the coaches busier than ever.

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Carlisle Wrestling Club Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
6 Stone M Story C Armstrong A Batey T Armstrong
7 Stone Jack Gibson C Armstrong J Thompson M Story
8½ Stone M Hodgson John Gibson J Wharton Jack Gibson
10 Stone M Hodgson J Wharton John Gibson A Batey
Under 12 Years J Wharton M Story T Armstrong G Harris
Under 15 Years R Armstrong J Wharton M Hodgson M Story
Under 18 Years R Armstrong M Hodgson G Coulthard John Gibson
Best Performance Matthew Story      
Carlisle Wrestling Club Overall Trophy Winners 2017-18

Juniors: 6st, Matthew Story; 7st, Jack Gibson; 8½st, John Gibson; 10st, Matty Hodgson; Under 12 Years, Jonathan Wharton; Under 15 Years, Ryan Armstrong; Under 18 Years, Ryan Armstrong.

Seniors: 11st, Mark Wharton; 12st, Andrew Carlile; 14st, Andrew Carlile; All Weights, Jack Ewart.

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