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50 Wrestlers from 7 countries + many officials, now firmed up for the Espoirs Championships.


The Annual General Meeting of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association will be held in The Sponsors Lounge, Penrith RFC, Penrith on Friday 16th March 2018 at 7.30pm.

European Espoirs Championships Training Sessions
English and Breton spectators enjoy an Icelandic performance at Grayrigg
As the European Espoirs Wrestling Championship to be held in Penrith in April rapidly approaches, the teams and numbers in delegations is firming up all the time. Fifty wrestlers from seven countries have indicated that they will participate. By far the biggest contingent will be from Brittany which from the beginnings of the International Federation in 1985 has been the mainstay of the organisation. Four female wrestlers and seven males form the heart of the group, but they also supply most of the officials for the table and the refereeing. In addition, they are bringing fifteen supporters to cheer the team onwards.
The Scots team is rather disappointing, with only two wrestlers entered and five officials in support. The Icelanders always do well to attend so enthusiastically when they must sometimes feel out on a limb in the Northern Atlantic. Seven wrestlers are in their party and four officials. These three countries and ourselves have been the core of the organisation since the beginning, and it is interesting that they all take part in our normal summer programme especially round Grasmere time.
Austria and Leon in Northern Spain have been regular participants in the championships, but have never found their way into our summer rings. Austria with its Ranggeln and Leon with its belt wrestling are tough competitors and often do well even though they are competing in two alien styles.
Hungary, which has appeared on the scene in recent years, is a mystery to me. When I have seen them competing in Brittany, they seem much more in the Olympic Freestyle mode, with wrestling kit you see in the freestyle or Graeco Roman style. The internet reveals a traditional style where the object is to lift your opponent off his feet for five seconds, but it only seems to be practised by youngsters. They have been regulars in Brittany for a few years and will be very welcome in Penrith.
There will be no Canarians, Sardinians , Dutch and Irish in the lists, though they have been excellent competitors in the past. Sometimes finance is the problem and sometimes internal politics when an individual or faction decides to sever links with the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling. Nor will there be some of the more exotic participants from Africa and the USA, from Morocco or Niger.
The core is there though for a competitive and exciting international youth championship in Penrith on the 7th and 8th April.

Our good wishes go to CWWA President, Jimmy Pringle who has been in hospital this week after a fall which damaged his back.

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