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Seven North of England Winners at The Breton Backhold Championships

The senior wrestlers line up to swear the Loyalty oath. Jack Ewart is tallest of all.  





The North of England was well represented at the Breton Backhold Championships last week-end with wrestlers from Kendal and Carlisle joining the main contingent from Rothbury. Fifteen wrestlers made the long journey to Guingamp on the North Brittany coast, and seven were winners.

They joined a throng of wrestlers from all round Brittany, a strong Scottish contingent, Hungarians, Swiss, Sardinia and The Congo, to compete according to the rules of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling.

The wrestling action is exactly as we would see at Grasmere or Alwinton, but the organisational framework of the event in Brittany gives it a different dynamic. Wrestlers were forward in big numbers but were divided up into no fewer than thirty-five different categories based on gender, age and weight. Quite a few sections had few wrestlers, others were packed. The groups were each divided into two pools and each competitor wrestled in a round-robin in the pools. Best-of-five was the order of the day so there was plenty of action.

England’s Junior wrestlers in Brittany: Fraser Cairns, John Wilks, Max Bates, William Hindmarsh, Anna Hindmarsh, Oliver Mason, Matthew Lamont, Robbie Bulloch, Matty Hodgson.
One family that can be proud of itself is the Hindmarshes from Coquetdale. Anna won on the last day of the season at Alwinton, and continued her winning ways in Guingamp, while brother William also struck gold.

Carlisle wrestler, Matty Hodgson, had a particularly big group to compete against, but he came out on top having lost only two falls on the way. The other Carlisle based wrestler, Jack Ewart, also had a mammoth task in the All Weights section of the Senior wrestlers which was numerous and particularly weighty. He came an honourable second.

He had only just returned home when he was competing in the Carlisle Wrestling Club’s Men’s Points Night for February where he lost to Thomas Gibson.

Guingamp Winners, Brittany Backhold Champions: Anna Hindmarsh, Max Bates, William Hindmarsh, Matty Hodgson, Matthew Lamont, Robbie Bulloch, Oliver Mason.

Carlisle Wrestling Club - Men's Points for February
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11 Stone M Wharton J Gibson C Wharton  
12 Stone A Carlile M Wharton J Gibson  
13 Stone M Wharton A Carlile J Gibson  
All Weights T Gibson A Carlile J Ewart M Wharton
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