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CWWA Team for the European Espoirs Championships Announced



European Espoirs Championships Training Sessions

Our team for the European Espoirs Championships to be held at Penrith in early April has been confirmed after the last training session. In the early years of the European Championships our team was called "Cumbria" even though we had wrestlers from Northumberland and Lancashire in our ranks, because there were two English forms of traditional wrestling represented: our Cumberland and Westmorland style and, right at the other end of the country, the Cornish style of wrestling which is closely linked culturally to the Breton style.
Cornish wrestling still carries on with a stand at the Cornish Royal Show each year, and a summer programme of events, but the connection with the International Federation has lapsed, so we proudly stand alone under the English flag.

The male team which has been chosen is as follows:
Gouren training at Currock house, with the two trainers Alan Jones and Andrew Carlile watching carefully

Espoirs Masculins:

- 57kg. Jacob Cansfield;

- 62kg. Michael Kirkham;

- 68kg. Sam Wilson;

- 74kg. No wrestler;

- 81kg. Alex Wragg and Frazer Cansfield;

- 90kg. No wrestler;

+ 90kg. Zak Singleton and Thomas Gibson.


This is a full team of seven wrestlers, but unfortunately there has been some doubling up and omissions. We simply do not have enough wrestlers over the full range of weights. This is no new thing for it has been a problem since the first participation in 1986. While the Bretons and Leonese have hundreds of wrestlers to choose from, we only have dozens. Doubling-up reduces the potential score for the team event, but is preferable to having a smaller team.

The bulk of the team is from the Rothbury Academy with the Cansfield twins, Jacob and Frazer, Alex Wragg and Zak Singleton. Pleasingly, the rest of the team is from our whole wide area, with Michael Kirkham from Waberthwaite Academy, Sam Wilson from Kendal and Thomas Gibson from Carlisle.

Only two female wrestlers are chosen: Alice Bates (-60kg.) and Emily Davidson (-70kg.), both from Rothbury.

Brittany have confirmed they have a full team, (7 males, 5 females); Iceland have confirmed 3 males, 4 females. Unofficially Scotland have a full team of 7 males, but only 1 female (exams having prevented others) We are still awaiting numbers from Leon, Austria, Hungary and the USA. Sardinia will not be participating due to economic reasons.

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