Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association

A Sign of times past and Present


Sunday, January 21st - 8.30am, Espoirs training in the Gym, Currock House, Carlisle.

The New Sign

A new enamel sign has gone up on an outside wall at Currock House, Carlisle. Some day it will be a collectors' item as it is one of a kind, and looks as if it will last a few decades. With its wording of "Carlisle Wrestling Club 1970" and the web site address for the C&W Wrestling Association it indicates the third and long term home of the Club drawn together in the Judo Room at Strand Road Sports Centre by Ted Dunglinson, Tom Harrington and myself all those years ago.
The centre of the sign uses the Wrestling Association logo to draw the eye and give some impression of what happens inside the building. A spiderwork of lines shows two figures confronting each other face-to-face in a wrestling hold. There is no attempt to be life-like, but the image captures the dynamism of the sport in a tangle of lines in a very modern way.
Logo owned by Thurnam’s Ltd

Two hundred years ago the newspapers of the time were using similar logos to advertise where the wrestling was going to happen and where it had taken place previously. Obviously, there was no easy way to change the illustration easily, so there would be a single engraving which would be trotted out on every suitable occasion, a sort of visual cliché.

The modern logo which is widely used by the Wrestling Association, and by academies, appeared by accident in 1999 when we were hosts for the European Championships and Carlisle Art College was where we had accommodation. The Art College was very supportive, and somewhere along the way, without being asked for, the modern logo appeared and was adapted for advertising and programmes.

Beyond the new sign, Currock House Gym has had a busy week of Junior and Senior points Nights; Gouren training for Espoirs Championships, and the arrival of a new second Crash Mat provided by a Community Fund.

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Carlisle Wrestling Club - Men's Points for January
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11 Stone M Wharton V Jones    
12 Stone M Wharton A Carlile    
13 Stone A Carlile M Wharton    
All Weights T Gibson J Ewart A Carlile  

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