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'The Antiques Road Trip!'


Sunday, January 14th - 8.30am, Espoirs training in the Gym, Currock House, Carlisle.

Anita Mannings presents Zak Singleton

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling featured prominently in a prime-time BBC 1 programme last week. "The Antiques Road Trip" featured two well known antiques specialists in a vintage car meandering round the UK trying to find bargains to sell at auction. Last September they called in at Hesket Newmarket Show where Anita Manning presented the wrestling prizes and Charles Hanson competed against multi-champion John Harrington in a special match.
Before they even got there the scene was set at Penrith Library where the collected trophies of William Jamieson from the 1870s were on display. The normal wrestling programme with Bretons competing and a ladies championship to stage had more or less completed before the cameras and celebrities arrived, so they were an interesting addition to the day without intruding too much. John Harrington handled himself with dignity throughout and safely decked a surprisingly hefty and determined Charles Hanson.

Antiques Road Trip at Hesket Newmarket Show

The programme managed to show the heritage of the sport in the area alongside its modern ambience, and we all had a bit of fun: job well done.

With the training programme for the Espoirs Championships in full flow, a call has gone out for more females to compete. The ladies team comprises five wrestlers, but at the moment only two, Emily Davidson and Alice Bates, have stepped forward. Some of our best wrestlers such as Anna Hindmarsh and Gemma Coulthard are too young to compete, and at the other end Laura Elliott is a few days too old. The Espoirs Age Group is for wrestlers aged between sixteen and under 21 years. Anyone wishing to try their hand should contact the coaches at their own academies.

Sunny runners, Andrew Carlile, David Barnes and Connie Hodgson
The three wrestlers, Andrew Carlile, David Barnes and Connie Hodgson, who ran in the North Lakes Half Marathon last week enjoyed the sunniest of days and raised £600 towards the Espoirs Championships. Well done.

Meanwhile, back to the basics of C&W Wrestling, we saw hyper energy of the Carlisle youngsters competing in their first Points Night of 2018. Success was well spread out, but the Best Performance Trophy went to John Gibson for his exceptional style in winning the 10 stones.

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Carlisle Wresting Club Juniors Junior Points - January
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stones C Armstrong O Gibson M Story A Coulthard
7 Stones T Coulthard Jack Gibson M Story C Armstrong
8½ Stones C Wharton Jack Gibson C Armstrong John Gibson
10 Stones John Gibson ,C Wharton T Coulthard M Hodgson
Under 12 Years J Wharton C Armstrong T Coulthard Jack Gibson
Under 15 Years R Armstrong T Coulthard M Hodgson John Gibson
Under 18 Years R Armstrong John Gibson M Hodgson C Wharton
Best Performance John Gibson.

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