Carlisle Wrestling Club - December Junior Points Night


Wednesday, 17th December (8.30pm) - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior points Night.

Chateau Robson is in disorder because I decided to tidy up. For forty years my bookshelves have coped with all the accumulation of sports programmes, magazines, cuttings books, photographs, valuable books and grotty books, all somehow linked to Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling.

Recently, though, they became difficult to extract and impossible to return; the end of the shelves bowed under the strain. Something had to be done.

The Old - Action from two hundred years ago

The first part, the building of the new shelves, was easy. The real problem came when I tried to bring order to the chaos of the material, not helped by my chronic inability to pass by anything remotely interesting. For a minority sport, our wrestling has, for two hundred years, been well documented. The famous engraver, Thomas Bewick's memoirs and his image of wrestlers on a fell top predate Queen Victoria, as did William Litt's "Wrestliana". More recently is the steady stream of articles in "Lakescene", "Cumbria Life", "The Scots Magazine" and even the "Bewcastle Journal".

The New - Gemma Coulthard and Abi Marston enjoy a tussle The new: Jack Harrison buttocking

Luckily, I was able to escape the dust and dry print, to watch the real thing at Carlisle Wrestling Club's Junior Points Night. During a simple night of competitive wrestling the young athletes provided action and novelty. Abi Marston was awarded the best performance trophy in all the categories because she refused to sit down. On three occasions she appeared to have lost a fall as her opponent lowered her backwards to the ground, but she somehow managed to keep going. She and Alfie Story moved at speed backwards right across the Gym with Abi's backside inches from the mat before she eventually succumbed. Against Gemma Coulthard she stayed up long enough to win. The judges may also have been impressed by her swinging hipes and outside-strokes.

John Gibson and Alfie Story were also on good form, winning two categories each. Ben Harrison had an excellent win in the Under 15s when he managed to hank both of Alfie Story's legs for the first fall in the final and won the second by changing from the hank to the inside-click in mid wrestle. Ryan Armstrong and Thomas Gibson used all their superior height and weight to hipe the opposition and win their sections.

The skills of our young wrestlers are identical to those which have excited onlookers for centuries, and are documented on my new bookshelves.

Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)
Carlisle Wrestling Club December Junior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stone J Gibson J Harrison J Wharton V Davidson
7 Stone J Gibson J Harrison C Wharton J Wharton
8½ Stone A Story A Marston R Armstrong; M Wharton
Girls 8½ Stone A Marston M Harrison    
10 Stone A Story A Marston G Coulthard M Wharton
Under 12 Years R Armstrong J Gibson C Wharton J Harrison
Under 15 Years B Harrison A Story A Marston M Wharton
Open Girls A Marston G Coulthard    
Under 18 Years T Gibson B Harrison A Story A Marston
Best Performance Abi Marston      

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