Junior Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club



Alfie Story wins a strange fall at Eskdale Show
Alfie Story took home the Best Performance trophy from the second Junior points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club, with two wins and a second place. His win in the 8½ stones was not unexpected, but when he moved up to the 10st category, he came up against the tall frame of Thomas Wales who has been going well this year. Wales tried to use his height advantage, but in the end it was Story who got under his man and took him away on a startling hipe - the fall of the night.
Mark Wharton and John Gibson compete in the Carlisle Junior Points NightThe Harrison family from Abbeytown were prominent in the action. Jack set the ball rolling with a win in the lightest weight, the 6 stones; then Big brother Ben later in the night felled the all conquering Alfie Story in the semi-final of the Under 15 Years. The two wrestlers were falling to the ground backwards with Story looking like the odds-on winner, when Harrison struck with a hank which lifted him up and sent Story down to the mat.
The Gibson family, too, had their successes, with John winning the final of the 7 stones despite losing the first fall to Connor Wharton's lethal back-heel. Thomas Gibson's weight and age kept him sitting around all night whilst the others competed, but eventually the Under 18s arrived and he fulfilled his potential by hiping Alfie Story twice in the final.
Abi Marston also had a good night, easily winning the female categories, but also playing a full part against the lads, coming second in the 8½ stones. Her wrist had troubled her for much of the night and was bad enough for her mother to take her to A&E at Carlisle Infirmary from where she eventually reached her bed at 1am. Fortunately the trouble was only muscular strain, and she was back in action at the next training night.

At that session two excitements occurred: the wrestle-off for places in the Carlisle team for the 6 and 7st categories at the Academy Shield, and a battle of the generations. Carlisle Wrestling Club is rich in talent in the lightest boys categories, so the only fair way to decide on the team places was two round-robins. The results ebbed and flowed, but in the end Matty Hodgson was best at 6 stones and Jack Harrison at 7 stones.
The Battle of the Generations arose when Board Member Paul Gibson, who is old enough to know better, thought he could still fell his son Thomas. After much effort and surrounded by cheers and laughter, Youth, of course, triumphed.

Two excellent trips are on offer to wrestlers in the coming year: Rothbury Academy hopes to organise a bus for the Breton Backhold Championships for the 28th February 2015. Contact them immediately if interested. And the Cornish wrestlers would like a few of our wrestlers to demonstrate our style alongside theirs at the Royal Cornish Show in early July all expenses paid. Anyone interested, contact me

© Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)


( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2014)
Carlisle Wrestling Club November Junior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stone Jack Harrison J Gibson M Hodgson J Wharton
7 Stone J Gibson C Wharton J Wharton J Harrison
8½ Stone A Story A Marston R Armstrong M Wharton
Girls 8½ Stone A Marston Jenny Harrison    
10 Stone A Story G Coulthard T Wales A Marston
Under 12 Years R Armstrong Jack Harrison S Baglee J Gibson
Under 15 Years B Harrison M Wharton A Marston Jack Harrison
Open Girls A Marston Jennie Harrison G Coulthard  
Under 18 Years T Gibson A Story T Wales B Harrison
Best Performance Alfie Story      

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