Junior Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club


Wednesday 29th October - Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's Points Night 11½st / 13st / AW
Sunday 2nd November Scottish Open, Bellcraig Community Centre, Glasgow G23 5QA, Juniors weigh in 9am to 10am. Numerous categories, male and female, at Under 15 Years, Under 21 Years and Seniors.
Friday 7th November - Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner at Low Hesket Village Hall Tickets £20 Juniors £10

The Gymnasium at Currock House was filled with eager young wrestlers for the first Junior Points Night of the Winter. Carlisle Wrestling Club mainly sets out to train youngsters in the arts and techniques of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, but a bit of competitive spice helps along the way.

A crowd of young wrestlers at Currock House

On the second Wednesday of every month until March members will be wrestling for points which go towards trophies for the most successful competitors over the indoor season. A bit of prize-money helps, too.
Matty Hodgson had a dream start by winning the first category, reaching the final of the Under 12 Years, and gaining the Victor Ludorum trophy for the night as the best wrestler in all sections. He caught the eye of the judges with a couple of spectacular right crosses against heavier opposition.
Abi Marston was the expected winner of the girls competitions, but she also competed hard against the lads and even reached the final of the Under 15 Years against Alfie Story. Alfie is well known on the wrestling circuit as a tough wrestler who never knows when he is beaten. Thomas Wales got the better of him in the 10 stones final but went down in the sudden death rounds of the Under 18s. Just to make things tougher, Alfie also brought along his>Under 12 Years winner Ryan Armstrong in action at Gilsland Show older brother, Archie, who lacks a little in technique but compensates by strength and determined attacks.

Now that Gemma Coulthard has had her twelfth birthday the way was clear for Ryan Armstrong to dominate the Under 12s. He is wrestling with more confidence and purpose than ever. And finally, Thomas Gibson was going well in the Under 18s. Leaner and taller, he goes for his trips with zest, and finished the night off with a flourish when he hiped Alfie Story and then dived to land on top of him before the Northumbrian could recover his feet.
Next week is the turn of the men for their first Points Night of the winter season.
Scottish Open 2014



In Scotland, too, the action is moving indoors and we have been invited to their Scottish Open event which offers a host of categories at Under 15, Under 21 and Seniors.

Any English wrestler, male or female, willing to travel up to Glasgow early on Sunday the 2nd November would find a suitable category in the list and a hearty welcome from the hosts. Wrestling coaches at our five academies have details.


© Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)


( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2014)
Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stone M Hodgson V Davidson J Gibson J Harrison
7 Stone J Gibson J Harrison S Baglee C Wharton
8½ Stone Alfie Story M Wharton R Armstrong S Baglee
Girls 8½ Stone A Marston J Harrison J Wharton  
10 Stone T Wales Alfie Story Archie Story A Marston
Under12 Years R Armstrong M Hodgson V Davidson J Gibson
Under15 Years Alfie Story A Marston B Harrison G Coulthard
Girls Open A Marston G Coulthard J Harrison M Harrison
Under 18 Years T Gibson Alfie Story Archie Story B Harrison
Best Performance Matty Hodgson      

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