The Final Bouts of the 2014 Wrestling Season


Wednesday 22nd October - Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night.
Wednesday 29th October - Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's Points Night
Friday 7th November - Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner at Low Hesket Village Hall Tickets £20 Juniors £10

Richard Fox’s victory roll

One man stood head and shoulders above the other wrestlers at Alwinton Show. In the final bouts of the 2014 season, Richard Fox was unbeatable in the 14 Stones and the All Weights. In each final his opponent was Frazer Hirsch from Carnoustie, who combines his active wrestling with the role of President of the Scottish Wrestling Bond and his leadership of the Carnoustie Backhold Wrestling Club, had to get past Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge to reach the 14st final, and in the All Weights felled the Preston heavyweight, Joe Threlfall, in his way to the final.
Richard Fox quite pleased with his win

Richard Fox is a noted exponent of the buttock, but, more and more, he keeps his major weapon in reserve while he bustles and hipes and twists his opponents into the ground. At Alwinton the back-heel inflicted the main damage. As Hirsch came in close and low to defend against hipes and twists, Fox simply and determinedly chopped out his opponent's leg with a strongly applied back-heel. Only in the last bout of the season did Fox allow himself the luxury of a buttock, a bit rough this time, but effective.
Jack Brown bridges to win at Alwinton

Another double winner was Jack Brown who came first in the Under 21s and then the 11½ stones. In the 11½ stones his bout against the Carlisle Wrestling Club Coach, Andrew Carlile, he deployed a move that he has patented as his own. Usually he is seeking to use his height to lift and hipe, but near the ground he is able to stiffen his body, spread his legs so wide that he cannot be turned, and stay bridged against his opponents till they collapse.

Another tall wrestler, Freya Waddington, had a double win in the female wrestling, but she was pushed all the way by the much slighter Abi Marston, who travels widely to compete.
A notable final came in the Under 13 years when two grandsons of Kenny Davidson met. One grandson was the very local Thomas Davidson, one of the most improved wrestlers this season; the other was far-travelled Innes Davidson up from Somerset for the occasion and newly returned from a good performance in the Alwinton Hill Race. Thomas took the lead with a hipe and back heel, but the comparatively untrained Innes took the next two falls.
Meanwhile, a hundred miles away in Herdwick country, at Wasdale Show, the flower of Waberththwaite Academy kept the crowd entertained. Harry Wilson in the boys classes and Paul Murray in the men's both won twice. But the final word of the day and season went to Craig Naylor, grandson of Joss, who took the All Weights honours in the wonderful valley where he lives and works.

Now all that is left is to count up all the points from the season, which began in early May at Hethersgill Vintage Rally, to allocate the Victor Ludorum trophies at the Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner on November 7th.

© Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)


( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2014)
Alwinton Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years W Hindmarsh B White D Waddington
Under 13 Years I Davidson T Davidson A McAdam
Under 16 Years Joe Hale, C Whitfield T Gibson
Girls Under 16 Years F Waddington A Hindmarsh A Marston
Under 21 Years J Brown Joshua Threlfall T Gibson
Ladies Open F Waddington (click for image) A Marston (click for image) T Bertram
11½ Stone J Brown B Harrison A Carlile
14 Stone R Fox F Hirsch T Gibson
All Weights R Fox F Hirsch A Ord
Wasdale Head Show
Event First Second Third
Under11 Years I Knowles, T Benson J Penellum
Under 12 Years H Wilson J Penellum J Connor
Under 13 Years H Wilson L Tyson J Connor
Under 15 Years C Connor W Proctor J Connor
Under 18 Years J Wilson J Nicholl D Connor
Ladies Open L Meier S Fowler S Tyler
10½ Stone P Murray J Wilson D Connor
12 Stone P Murray J Wilson D Connor
All Weights C Naylor P Murray J Wilson

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