Harry Bertram claims the Under 15 / 8 Stone Championship


Saturday October 11th Alwinton (1230) U10 / U13 / U16 / U21 / Girls U16 / Ladies / 11½st / 14st / AW
Saturday October 11th Wasdale Head (4.00) U11 / U12 / U13 / U15 / U18 / 10½st / 12st / AW



 At Eskdale, Harry Bertram receives his Under 15 Years/8st trophy from CWWA President Joe Harrington

One of the longest journeys of the Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling season was worthwhile for Harry Bertram when he travelled from Rothbury in North Northumberland to Eskdale in the SW Lakes to compete in the Under 15 Years/ 8st Championship. He dominated the final against Mark Wharton of Carlisle to claim the title and fulfil the promise he has shown over the years as a strong young wrestler who goes for his chips.
Earlier in the year at Powburn Show he entertained the crowd before the main wrestling by taking on the popstar, actor and TV presenter Robson Green who was filming for a second series of Tales of Northumberland. Although much lighter and younger, Harry fought a good battle with the crowd urging him on until he felled his man. The programme is due to be shown on ITV in February, but already that bout is on You Tube on the internet.

In general, last week’s wrestling at both Langholm Show and Eskdale was a celebration of the smaller wrestler punching above his weight.
At Langholm John Gibson missed out in the younger age group, but then went on to fell Ryan Armstrong in the final of the Under 15s.

 Andrew Carlile, facing, squares up to Jack Brown at Langholm
In the men’s wrestling Andrew Carlile was felled by Jack Brown in the final of the 12½ stones, but used that as a wake-up call to raise his game in the All Weights where he turned the tables on Brown and then, against the odds, felled Richard Fox in the semi-finals to set up a straightforward final with Thomas Gibson. The key to Carlile’s success was excellent defence, followed up by simple back-heels.

Paul Murray wins the 12½st final against James Wilson at Eskdale

At Eskdale the main man was Paul Murray who shows his Jacob sheep first and wrestles afterwards. He won both the 10½ and 12 stones with the best display we have seen from him since his shoulder injury in an international match some years ago. The 12st final with James Wilson was particularly tough, with five bouts needed to separate the wrestlers. Murray finished the job with an all-out hipe.
One of the best wrestlers of the day never reached a final. Alfie Story came third in no fewer than four categories. Time and again he was felling much bigger and heavier opposition to qualify for a pat on the back from his father.
Craig Naylor heard that he had won the Collie dog Show while taking hold for the final of the All Weights wrestling with William Hayhurst. He took the first fall with a sudden buttock, but then Hayhurst remembered what his granddad always shouted at him, took a strong hold and twisted Naylor over his knee, twice.

Another granddad (me) was well pleased when Gemma Coulthard continued her good form in the Under 12s at Langholm beating Ryan Armstrong on her way to the final. In another fortnight her twelfth birthday will call a halt on her competing against lads in the ring.

There will be no wrestling at Buttermere this year!

© Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)


( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2014)
Langholm Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G Coulthard M Hodgson R Armstrong
Under 15 Years J Gibson R Armstrong M Hodgson
Under 18 Years T Gibson J Gibson R Armstrong
Ladies A Marston G Coulthard R Hodgson
12½ Stone J Brown A Carlile T Gibson
All Weights A Carlile T Gibson R Fox
Eskdale Show
Event First Second Third
* Under 12 Years H Wilson J Connor C Wharton
Under 15 Years / 8 Stone Championship H Bertram M Wharton A Story
Under 15 Years G Wilson B Harrison A Story
Under 18 Years G Wilson J Killip A Story
10½ Stone P Murray B Harrison J Wilson
12 Stone P Murray J Wilson A Story
All Weights W Hayhurst C Naylor G Wilson

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