A Busy day's wrestling


Saturday, June 14th - Lowgill - 7pm - U7 / U12 / U14 / U16 / Girls / 12st / AW
Saturday 21st June Quernmore Classes for Juniors to cover ages 6-18. Senior classes depending on age and weight of those attending.
Saturday 28th June (3.00) Alston Gala U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Sunday 29th June (3.00) Patterdale U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Saturday 5th July (4.45) Skelton Show U13 / U16 / U18 / Ladies / 11st / 13½st/ AW
Sunday 6th July (1.30) Distington U12 / U15 / U18 / 12½st / AW
Sunday 6th July Langdale U9 / U12 / U15 / U18 / U21 &11st / Ladies 10st / Ladies Open / 13st / AW


The Roman Wall Show

One of the busiest days of the year for Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling saw wrestling at three widely spaced events. Around lunchtime the action began at the Roman Wall Show in one of the most spectacular rings of the circuit where lakes, the Whin Sill and the Roman Wall stretch into the distance. Tea-time marked the beginning of the comprehensive wrestling programme at the Cumberland Show, and late supper the time to tek hod at Lowgill in North Lancashire.
Matty Hodgson meets Connor Wharton at Carlisle

Various wrestlers had good days with wins at two events: Thomas Gibson in his last days before his fifteenth birthday was at his best in gaining two wins, particularly showing his mettle in felling George Wilson at Carlisle. Donna Thompson on her return to the ring kept the good Northumbrian girls Lucy Singer and Freya Waddington under some sort of control at both events. And Andrew Ord, particularly showed his patient skills and surprising strength in the All Weights to fell the flourishing newcomer, Andrew Sandercock on the Whin Sill and the rampant Richard Fox on the home straight at Carlisle Racecourse.
Ord's final fall against Fox at Carlisle was a remarkable throw. Fox was already one fall down so he went for his best shot, the full buttock. Although he got right under Ord, he could not find the impetus and leverage to lift his long-legged opponent onto his back and over. From that position Ord lifted Fox out from under him and with one movement threw him up and back onto the turf. This was Fox's second final at Carlisle for he felled Jack Brown in the final of the 14 stones. For his prolonged display of wrestling excellence he was awarded the Guinness Trophy for the most meritorious performance in all the wrestling.
  Jack Brown gets a good grip of Jon Harrington at the Roman Wall Show

Jack Brown was not at his best on his home turf at the Roman Wall but he rallied well to succeed at Carlisle.

John Harrington and Andrew Carlile shone brightest in winning the 11½ stones and 13½ stones at the Roman Wall Show. Andrew Sandercock continued to take wrestlers by surprise with his late twists and turns and was awarded the best performance trophy at the Roman Wall. Jack Ewart had one of the best falls of the day with a remarkable left-leg inside-hipe. And Matty Hodgson, immaculately turned out in the traditional strip, came through a big entry to win the Under 10 Years at Carlisle Racecourse, just a mile away from the Currock House Gym where he learns his skills each winter.


An International Wrestling Training Camp for athletes 14 to 20 years of age is being organised by Frazer Hirsch in Angus for the beginning of August. Already he has had a good response from the Icelanders and the Bretons. Anyone wishing to take part should contact their Academy coach who has full details

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The Roman Wall Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years W Hindmarsh V Davidson O Tower
Under 13 Years G Singer J Robson T Davidson
Under 15 Years T Gibson A Storey C Whitfield
Under 17 Years J Coates T Gibson C Whitfield
Ladies D Thompson F Waddington L Singer
Over 11½ Stone J Harrington J-J Pattinson J Brown
13½ Stone A Carlile J Brown A Sandercock
All Weights A Ord A Sandercock J Davidson
Best Performance Andrew Sandercock    
Cumberland Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years M Hodgson J Blain H Wales
Under 12 Years M Wharton, T Davidson G Singer
Under 15 Years T Gibson G Wilson C Whitfield
Girls Under 15 Years F Waddington L Singer A Marston
Under 18 Years S Wilson G Wilson T Gibson
Ladies Open D Thompson A Marston L Singer
12 Stone J Brown A Carlile D Miller
14 Stone R Fox J Brown J Harrington.
All Weights A Ord R Fox J Hall
Guinness Trophy Richard Fox    
Lowgill Sports
Event First Second Third
Under 7 Years G Hodgson H Huddlestone B Woodhouse
Under 12 Years T Hodgson R Edmondson I Middleton
Under 14 Years T Hayhurst T Hodgson J Gardner
Under 16 Years T Hayhurst J Gardner L Hall
Ladies Open T Hodgson G Hodgson R Hodgson
12 Stone T Hayhurst A Fox L Hall
All Weights G Brocklebank T Hodgson D Hodgson
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