Northumberland Show


Saturday June 7th - Northern District YFC Field Day
Saturday, June14th - Cumberland Show
Saturday, June 14th - Roman Wall Show
Saturday, June 14th - Lowgill
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Adrian Miles fells Sam Wilson in the Under 18 Championship at the Northumberland Show
The wrestling ring at the Northumberland Show was a dryish patch in a muddy world, and drew wrestlers from four academies to contest the Under 18 years World Championship, Cumberland and Westmorland Style.

The holder of the title, James Hayhurst, was the hot favourite to retain it with his precocious record of winning senior as well as junior titles, but in the first wrestling of the season at Hethersgill Vintage Rally, he was completely out of sorts and went out early and easily in his categories.

All that was behind him at the Northumberland Show, for he coasted to victory and another year of trophy cleaning. In each bout from first round to the final against George Wilson, he took no risks, gaining as good a hold as his granddad Peter would wish, and then finished with a hipe to end as a worthy champion.

Richard Fox of Hethersgill was in fine, bustling form. He wrestles well and usually successfully by pulling his opponents up onto their toes and moving in with back-heels, inside-clicks and the like, but always lurking in the background is his Weapon of Mass Destruction, the full and uninhibited buttock. Following that pattern he felled Andrew Sandercock in the final of the 13½ stones by countering his inside-click with a twist and then for the second fall smothering him with a back-heel.
In the All Weights his problems were bigger, taller and stronger, meaning that he met Heavyweight Champion Andrew Ord in the semi-final, and Jason Davidson in the final. Andrew Ord managed to stop the buttock for the first fall, but Fox responded with an inside-click which cut down Ord's long legs. In the decider, Fox was much more circumspect, and did not rush to buttock as he had in the first bout. The result was that he set up his position more carefully before making his play, and that made all the difference. Jason Davidson, in his veteran stage is wrestling really well, but was unable to cope with Richard Fox's favourite chip.

The two Wharton brothers, Connor and Mark, showed wrestling class at an early age to win at Under 10 and Under 12. Harry Bertram showed his skills to win at Under 14. He is building his experience and technique so that he will be a force to contend with in the men's wrestling in a few years. Joseph Wragg did not appear in the prize-lists, but his hanking for two falls in succession, showed his potential.
Jack Brown hipes David Miller


It was good to see two Waberthwaite wrestlers, Tom Johnson and Adrian Miles, so far from home, so well turned out in neat traditional costume and giving a good account of themselves.

Freya Waddington and Lucy Singer monopolised the female wrestling with their tough bouts. Each gained a win. Andrew Sandercock, after last season's withdrawal through injury, is on great form, with his inside-clicks and surprise twists.

And finally, Jack Brown and David Miller had a wonderful set-to in the final of the 11½ stones when Brown's height, power and wrestling nous won the day, but only after Miller came within a whisker of success with his all-out attacking style.

© Written by Roger Robson ..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)


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Northumberland County Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years C Wharton R Bates T Wilson
Under 12 Years M Wharton G Coulthard J Gibson
Under 14 Years H Bertram F Canfield H Wilson
Girls under 16 Years L Singer F Waddington T Bertram
Under 18 Years World Championship J Hayhurst G Wilson A Miles
Ladies Open F Waddington L Singer T Bertram
11½ Stone J Brown D Miller S Wilson
13½ Stone R Fox A Sandercock M. Atkinson
All Weights R Fox J Davidson A Sandercock
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