The 12 Stone World Championship at Hethersgill Vintage Rally


Saturday, 17th May (2pm) Sedbergh Gala U9 / U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 13 / AW
Monday, 26th May Northumberland County Show
Thursday, 29th May Killington Sports U18 / 10st World Championship.

Andrew Carlile wins the first bout of the championship against John Harrington
Avoirdupois gained the first fall in the 12st World Championship when the holder, Ben Brocklebank, did not defend his title as he was too heavy, so the wrestlers had an extra spur to win. Immediately, the action began with two strong contenders, Andrew Carlile and John Harrington, in contention, and Carlile's back-heels sent Harrington backwards and out.

The main hope of south Cumbria was James Hayhurst who, at a young age has already held two senior titles, but his usual impeccable defence was missing when David Miller of Aspatria, the 10½st Champion set about him with strong attacks, winning the first with a twist and the second with a full out buttock.

In the semi-final Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge used his height to good effect when he inside-hiped David Miller. Andrew Carlile, on the other side of the draw, right-side buttocked the other Miller brother, Kieron.

 !2st semi-finalists: Jack Brown, Andrew Carlile, Kieron and David Miller

This set up an intriguing final between mentor and pupil. For many years Jack Brown has benefited from the coaching skills of multi-champion, Andrew Carlile, who is one of the triumvirate of champions who are honing the next generation of wrestlers. Last year it seemed that Brown was at a level beyond Carlile, but in this first senior competition of 2014, Carlile showed renewed purpose and power. The first fall was a close twisting-to-the-ground affair, but the final fall could not have been more conclusive. As the referee shouted, "Wrestle", Carlile swirled round with a clockwise twist and outside stroke that gave Brown no chance to counter .

Andrew Carlile and the 12st trophy Andrew Carlile, and daughter, receive the trophy from Elsie Elliot.
Andrew Carlile with his smart new strip was the first Champion of 2014.

The winner of the first wrestling of the year was Thomas Davidson in the Under 12 Years. He had travelled over from Rothbury with his dad and other wrestlers, and continued the good form that he has shown indoors recently. His dad, Jason Davidson, was also on good form in the All Weights, especially against the new champion, when he won with finesse rather than weight and power. A neat right-side outside-stroke, which collapsed Carlile to the grass, took the first fall in the semi-final, and a double-barrelled hipe and Cross-buttock took the second.


In the final, though, Davidson came up against the power and determination of Richard Fox on home territory. Fox won the first with a right-leg back-heel, and the second with the inevitable buttock.

Hethersgill Vintage Rally
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years T Davidson, ,J Gibson C Wharton
Under 15 Years T Gibson T Hayhurst H Bertram
Under 18 Years K Miller J Hayhurst T Gibson
Girls A Marston Z Marston  
12 Stone World Championship A Carlile J Brown K Miller
All Weights R Fox J Davidson A Carlile
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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