CWWA World Championship Events 2014


Saturday, April 26th - 7.30pm Kendal Academy Open Night in Grayrigg Village Hall, U13 / U15 / U18 / Girls 10, Open, 5st (mixed). Males 7, 9, 11, 13, AW - Pies and peas and a big raffle.

Sunday May 4th - Hethersgill Vintage Rally

All Weights - Stanhope Show Saturday, 13th Sept.
15st - Rothbury Mart Friday, 5th Sept.
14st - Gilsland Show Sunday, 3rd August
13st - Westmorland Show Thursday, 11th Sept.
12st - Hethersgill Vintage Rally Sunday, 4th May
11st - Powburn Show Saturday, 2nd August
10½st - Gosforth Show Saturday 16th August
Under 18 Years - Northumberland Show Monday, 26th May
Under 18 Years/10st - Killington Sports Thursday, 29th May
Under 15 Years - Penrith Show Saturday, 26th July
Under 15 Years/8st - Eskdale Show Saturday, 27th Sept.

A vintage year. Carlisle Wrestling Club in 1984 with virtually all the Championship Trophies

In a ringing phrase from its first rule book in 1906, the Wrestling Association declared that C & W wrestling is "open to the world", and that continues to be the case. The CWWA World Championships were allocated recently by the Governing Board, to events which range from the huge agricultural shows like the Northumberland and the Westmorland Shows, to more local shows like Powburn and Eskdale, a traditional Sports Meeting at Killington and, to set the ball rolling, the vast Hethersgill Vintage Rally in a fortnight's time.
The location of the events also reflects the distribution of wrestling events through the Northern Counties, with one in County Durham, three in Northumberland, three in north of Cumbria and two each in the south and far west of the county.

Gilsland Show is making a special effort this year for its centenary and kept away from championship applications in recent years to further their chances in this important landmark year for them. In 1951 the final of the first 14st Championship was contested at the show by two members of the Gilsland Academy: J. E. Dunglinson of Brunstock felled J. N. Armstrong of Triermain to take home the championship belt "presented by Prof. Jack Robinson, Johannesburg, in memory of the original holder of the belt, his father Jack Robinson of Cockermouth and Newcastle." Gilsland Show is held on land at Triermain and Reggie Armstrong who won the belt in 1954 will be there to watch the action in his backyard.

The All Weights Championship takes a rare trip to County Durham, to Stanhope Show in Weardale. You can still hear from enthusiasts like Maurice Rutherford about the Weardale Academy which met at Cowshill fifty years ago, but the wrestling events are a small residue of former glories. However, Stanhope Show and Wolsingham continue to do the sport proud by sustaining their events.

The Academy at Waberthwaite which is so healthy at the moment must be happy to land two championships in their area which are particularly suited to their young lightweight wrestlers: Gosforth Show for the 10½ stones and Eskdale for the Under 15/8st Championship.

First of all though is the 12st Championship at Hethersgill Vintage Rally at Carlisle Airport.....Action Stations!

Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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