Academy Shield Results 2013 - 2014


Sunday, April 13th - Angus Backhold Championship, Carnoustie Leisure Centre. Many categories male and female at under 15 years, and at 16 years and over
Saturday, April 26th -
7.30pm Kendal Academy Open Night in Grayrigg Village Hall, U13 / U15 / U18 / Girls 10, Open, 5st (mixed). Males 7, 9, 11, 13, AW - Pies and peas and a big raffle.

The Academy Shield brings the wrestling world (Cumberland and Westmorland Style) together like no other competition. The five Academies - Carlisle, Kendal, Milnthorpe, Rothbury and Waberthwaite – all foregathered at Burneside Cricket Club to decide the destination of the Shield for 2013-2014. In its original form after the Second World War a full Winter with a league was needed, with matches home and away, and buses laid on for the teams and supporters. By all accounts wrestling has never been so intense and partisan with the roofs of several village halls in jeopardy from the noise.
Since its renewal in the seventies a different system was put in place so that the result reflected the whole of the academy, young and old, tiny and massive, male and female, and did not just rely on the star men wrestlers and manipulating the draw.

Best performance winner, Michael Kirkham receives his trophy from Kendal organiser, John WilsonAfter eight of the thirteen categories had been completed Waberthwaite was in the lead after astellar performance by Michael Kirkham in two sections and a solid effort by the rest. In the end their threat faded because they lacked heavier wrestlers, and Kendal eased ahead with a series of bouts where their wrestlers dropped only one fall each in some tight wrestling. With only the All Weights round-robin (10 bouts) to go Kendal lay two falls ahead of the opposition and Rothbury had three times All Weights Champion Andrew Ord as their man.
Never has Carlisle wrestler, Jimmy Hall, had such support from a Kendal crowd as when he faced up to Ord in the first bout. All to no avail, for Ord kept his cool and his controlled hiping to fell Hall and everyone else. The Academy Shield was a draw with Kendal and Rothbury tied on 33 falls, while Carlisle and Waberthwaite tied for third place with 24 falls each. The wrestlers of the smallest academy, Milnthorpe, all did well individually, but were not represented in four categories.


Kendal Academy with Coach John Wilson Rothbury Academy with coach Jason Davidson

Jack Brown and Donna Thompson for Carlisle won all their bouts, as did James Hayhurst for Kendal, and Thomas Davidson, Jack Hale and Andrew Ordfor Rothbury. But, the best individual performance went to Michael Kirkham of Waberthwaite who competed unbeaten in the 8st and 9st categories. He has developed his own style of swirling twisting action which stands out from the crowd.

The overall winner was really wrestling itself, for the attacking and skilful style now prevalent is a credit to the coaches of all five academies.

Event First Equal 3rd Equal Fifth
RESULTS Kendal and Rothbury - 33pts Carlisle and Waberthwaite - 24pts Milnthorpe - 16pts
Open Categories
Event First Second Third
Under 9 Years T Wilson J Penellum 
Girls F Waddington, A Marston L Singer
Women D Thompson A Marston H Hodgson
Under 16 Years G Wilson T Gibson T Wales
13 Stone B Brocklebank, S Wilsom; J Hayhurst
All Weights J Hale M Atkinson J Hayhurst
The CWWA World Championship venues were allocated last week.
The first being the 12 stones at Hethersgill on Sunday 4th May.
(Full details next week)


Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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