Senior Winter Indoor Season draws to a close


Saturday, 22nd March - Waberthwaite Academy Open Night
Saturday, 5th April - Academy Shield at Burnieside Cricket Club.

"You see as good wrestling here as you see anywhere" Carlisle Coach, Alan Jones, not noted for verbal flannel, was frustrated as he sat at a table organising the round-robin bouts for the Final Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club in the Currock House Gym. He just wanted to watch the ebb and flow of the action on the mat without puzzling over the order of the bouts. I, too, should have been working, taking photographs of the action, but that would have interfered with my delight in the skills and athleticism that lay before me.
The irony was that the Men's Points Competition for the winter months of 2013-14 was already decided in the five monthly sessions played out from October onwards. David Miller had an unassailable lead in the lightweights and John Harrington had dropped only one point in five sessions. Only in the All Weights was it theoretically possible for the leader, Richard Fox to be caught, and then only if he were completely absent and Jimmy Hall were to win. As it was, he was very much present and notched up another success.
A "dead rubber" in sport is a byword for boring, pointless action in a competition which is already decided. In the Davis cup the final tennis matches are sometimes not even played if one team already has a decisive lead. In the Currock House Gym we saw the opposite effect where wrestlers were liberated by the lack of tension: there was no money involved and the trophies were already won so the competitors expressed themselves and enjoyed the wrestling for its own sake.
Jack Brown was unbeaten in the 11½ stones round-robin, mainly with his hipes, but for the connoisseur Andrew Carlile's prolonged survival and escapes under pressure, before being felled by Brown and then by David Miller were the highlight. Then Carlile moved from valiant loser to skilled winner in the 13 stones. He set his stall out in the first bout when he simply back-heeled John Harrington, and then finished the job off many bouts later when he again back-heeled Harrington in the wrestle-off for first place.

Two of the Carlisle Lightweights, Andrew Carlile and David Miller at Egremont Crab Fair in September

David Miller, too, had some stellar moments. Best of all was when he leg-up buttocked Jack Brown despite the disparity in height, but closely followed by his full buttock of Paul Murray.
Richard Fox and Jimmy Hall led the pack in the All Weights, but Jack Ewart buttocked Fox, and Jack Brown, the lightweight felled Hall, the heavyweight.
Amongst all this feast of wrestling the best of all was John Harrington. He was not a winner on the night, and some of his best wrestling came in the wrestle-offs for third place in the All Weights, but by far the greatest amount of spontaneous applause was for his perfect execution of a range of wrestling skills: hipes inside, outside and swinging; leg-up buttock; outside-stroke and two glorious hanks.

The Points Trophies, both Junior and Senior will be presented next week at 8.45pm during the club night. Two extra sessions have been added to the club's programme for the 26th March and the 2nd April. The Young Farmers training up for the North Cumbria YFC Field Day will have the opportunity of detailed coaching on these nights. The presence of wrestling on the Field Day programme is excellent for our indigenous sport, but the Carlisle club sessions have been somewhat swamped latterly. These two extra sessions will be perfect for harnessing the power of the young farmers, male and female, as they prepare for action.

Peter Sheldon has written from Cornwall to "enquire if it would be possible for a team of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestlers to join our Cornish Wrestlers for our demonstrations at the Royal Cornwall Show which takes place on the 5,6 and 7th June. This is an initial enquiry because we do not yet have the approval of the RCS organisers, though they have welcomed similar arrangements at recent shows. If all is well and a team of 2,3 or 4 wrestlers, with someone to give a commentary, could come for the three days of the show, we would cover all reasonable travelling and living expenses."


Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Senior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth Overall Trophy Winners
11½ Stone J Brown D Miller A Carlile P Murray D Miller
13 Stone A Carlile J Harrington J Brown D Miller. J Harrington
All Weights R Fox J Hall J Harrington J Ewart. Richard Fox
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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