Junior Winter Indoor Season draws to a close


Wednesday, 19th March (8.45pm) - Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Senior Points
Saturday, 22nd March - Waberthwaite Academy Open Night
Saturday, 5th April - Academy Shield at Burnieside Cricket Club.
Sunday April 13th - Angus Backhold Championships, Carnoustie
April 24th - 26th - IFCW European Youth and Female Championships in Leon, Northern Spain.

Carlisle Wrestling Club held its last Junior Points Night of the winter this week, and the destination of the annual trophies was finally decided. In several categories wrestlers had built up unassailable leads, but the night began with a section where any one of three wrestlers, John Gibson, Matty Hodgson and Harvey Alecock, were in contention. Harvey Alecock had been a slow starter this winter, but he kept on improving to the point where he won the February 6st section and continued his improved form this week. He was helped by Matty Hodgson when he felled the John Gibson. In the final Alecock buttocked Hodgson and then went on to win a deciding fall. The scores were so close that if Hodgson had managed to win one more fall there would have been a three way tie.
The Under 12 year was another nail-biting category with Mark Wharton and Gemma Coulthard equal on points at the start of the night. Fittingly, they met in the final, where Mark Wharton's purposeful skills won the day. The Under 18s, too, had a late twist in its progression, with Thomas Gibson benefiting from Kieran Miller's absence to win the overall trophy.
All the other categories were more or less decided already by the previous Points Nights. Mark Wharton could even afford to be weighed out of the 7 stones on the night and yet still win the overall trophy.

Best of all on the night was Abi Marston who won three sections and was a spirited contestant in other categories. For that she was awarded the Best Performance Cup. She is the real deal as far as wrestling is concerned, and interestingly she has ambitions to be a PE teacher.

The fragility of our traditional sports depends greatly on dedicated individuals who freely give of their time to organise and develop our sports. This is especially apparent this week when The Lakeland Sports Promoters Association looks like folding because no-one can be found to take the key role as organising secretary. Originally set up in the early 1970s to protect Lakeland Sports from the hawkish amateurism of some athletics organisers who set out to bar any competitor who took part in traditional Lakeland Sports meetings, such as Grasmere, Ambleside and Egremont Crab Fair, the LSPA has been kept alive by the long persistence of John Morgan as secretary, and latterly by Mark Maglincy. Now Mark has had to resign because of other commitments and the LSPA looks like folding if another secretary is not found.

Wrestling too depends on a few dedicated individuals. Attendance at the European Youth Championships in Leon, Spain, is now unlikely simply because the three most likely coaches to prepare a team are all heavily committed to work or family duties which have to be their priority. Three of our academies have teams of supporters and organisers, but the continued existence of the academies at Milnthorpe and Waberthwaite depends heavily on David Parsons and Tom Porter who keep them going year by year. Waberthwaite Academy's Open Night next week will showcase the skills and keenness of their young wrestlers, but for the rest of the winter they flourish unheeded in West Cumbria thanks to the organising skills, and persistence, of Tom Porter.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Junior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth Overall Trophy Winners
6 Stone Alecock M Hodgson J Gibson C Wharton H Alecock
7 Stone J Gibson C Wharton H Alecock B Irving M Wharton
8½ Stone A Marston M Wharton R Armstrong W Wilson.  
10 Stone T WalesA Marston B Irving M Wharton T Wales
Girls 8½ Stone         A Marston
Girls Open A Marston G Coulthard     A Marston
Under 12 Years M Wharton G Coulthard R Armstrong C Wharton M Wharton
Under 15 Years T Gibson M Wharton T Wales J Gibson T Gibson
Under 18 Years T Gibson P Gardner A Marston T Wales T Gibson
Best Performance Trophy A. Marston        
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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