'A Rose between Thorns' at the Backhold Championships in Quimper, France


Wednesday, 12 March (7.30pm) - Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Junior Points
Wednesday, 19th March (8.45pm) - Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Senior Points

Saturday, 22nd March - Waberthwaite Academy Open Night
Saturday, 5th April - Academy Shield at Burnieside Cricket Club.
Sunday April 13th - Angus Backhold Championships, Carnoustie
April 24th - 26th - IFCW European Youth and Female Championships in Leon, Northern Spain.

Linda Scott

At the recent Breton Backhold Wrestling Championships, Linda Scott was a woman on her own in the midst of a regiment of male officials. Lots of other women ran the event, the table and the commentating, but when all the referees and judges had held their meeting to standardise their officiating, and sat down for a photograph, Linda, from Southwaite, Carlisle, was the only female amongst two dozen men. When the action started she was not just a judge with a comparatively passive role, but the referee in charge of the bouts.

Guy Jaouen, who was the main instigator of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling in 1985, looked on a while and adjudged her "très professionelle". She was there on merit and totally accepted.

She was not always so professional, for I remember many years ago asking her and Irene Reay to keep a note of the falls in a championship at Haltwhistle, when I was called on to judge and therefore unable to make my notes as all good journalists should. One fall in the final was recorded as "a pushy down sort of thing".

From those early days helping on the ringside table, her competence and influence in Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling gently grew, through attending Governing Board meetings as an Honorary auditor, taking responsibility for running important events, using her skills in graphic design to provide booklets and publicity for the club, and eventually refereeing events. She and her partner, Julian Richardson furnish many of the photographs in the annual CD. Last year she was elected Chairman of the Governing Board and keeps a firm but gentle hand on proceedings.

As the grass starts to grow, and the indoor wrestling season moves to an end, there are various events to tempt the wrestlers to try their skills and muscles before the season proper begins in May. All these events call for some distant travelling.

Waberthwaite Academy which is usually in a world of its own down in West Cumbria, invites the rest of the wrestling world to pie and peas, lots of wrestling action, and plenty of craic on the 22nd March.

Kendal Academy hosts the Academy Shield on Saturday, April 5th so teams should be under selection now.

Frazer Hirsch's Carnoustie wrestling club is host to the Angus Backhold Championships on the 13th April, and furthest of all is ...

The IFCW Youth and Female European Championships in Leon, Northern Spain, on the last weekend of April. We have young wrestlers fit to compete, but as yet nothing has been organised.

Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014)

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