Carlisle Wrestling Men's Points Night - February


Saturday, February 22nd, The Breton Backhold Championships in Quimper.

At the latest Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's Points Night, two wrestlers went through their categories without losing a single fall in the round-robin system: John Harrington dominated the 13 stones; and Richard Fox was unbeaten in his six bouts in the All Weights. The Lightweights, 11½ stones, was a different matter when all sorts of surprise results kept the spectators guessing.

Kieron Miller started well enough when he felled his brother, David, with the third buttock of a series, but then, skilled champion that he is, he went down to young Thomas Wales who had only stayed behind so that he could get a lift home. Thankfully, Miller woke up at that point, hiped Thomas Gibson to get his nerve back and then felled his coach, Andrew Carlile, with just the sort of trip that he had been well taught, a neat outside-stroke.

The end result was that a wrestle-off was needed to settle the matter and normal service was resumed with Andrew Carlile winning the day.

Andrew Carlile and John Harrington enmeshed in the Middleweights

In the Middle Weights John Harrington dominated with his hiping, usually a well controlled right-leg outside hipe, but he did resort to a swinging hipe for David Miller. In his bout with Andrew Carlile his cosy routine was shattered and there was a closely fought, intense bout where hold was important with the hank and leg-up buttock setting the two wrestlers straining against each other until Harrington's leg-up prevailed.

Despite his dominance in the middleweights John Harrington was up against it in the All Weights where there was significantly greater tonnage in the entry. Heaviest of all is Jimmy Hall who knows how to use his physical advantage with some shrewd and powerful hipes, but Richard Fox had his measure and worked hard to gain position to buttock the bigger wrestler.

One of the best, and noisiest, bouts of the night was the very last one when the main places had already been decided. John Harrington and the tall Jack Ewart had to wrestle-off for third and fourth place. They ripped into each other with desperate energy and ricocheted round the walls of the Gym before Ewart won with a leg-up cum buttock.

Some of the young wrestlers at training will be off to Brittany for the week-end to participate in the Breton Backhold Championships. Abi Marston, Thomas Gibson and Thomas Wales will join a bus from Rothbury Academy to travel via Plymouth to Quimper.

A part of our wrestling scene: Scots, Icelanders and mainly Bretons take the crowd’s applause at Wolsingham Show

Almost thirty of us will be the guests of the Bretons, who come each year to enhance our wrestling in its busiest week at the end of August. Long gone are the days when the Bretons were seen as problems with their unpronounceable names and strange ways. For years they have boosted our wrestling and made themselves as natural a part of our Northern heritage as Herdwick sheep and rum butter.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's Points Night - February
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11½ Stone A Carlile K MillerD Miller T Gibson
13 Stone J Harrington A Carlile K Miller D Miller
All Weights R Fox J Hall J Ewart J Harrington
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014).

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