Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night - February


Dates for the Diary:
Wednesday, 19th February 8.30pm Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night

At Carlisle Wrestling Club, after the Points Night action on the mat, comes a pause before the prizes are awarded. At that point one of the coaches goes around the officials and coaches to find who was the best wrestler of the night. Usually the matter is quickly decided, but this week it took forever.

Such was the quality of the night's wrestling, there were six or seven wrestlers in the running. After much shuttle diplomacy by Andrew Carlile the decision was made that Ryan Armstrong was the best of the best, so he went home with two cups: that for the Under 12 Years and the Best Performance trophy.
In the final of the Under 12 Years, Gemma Coulthard had made a strong effort to buttock him, but he was able to react and twist her down. Ryan has only taken up wrestling in the past year and is making excellent progress.

The night began with a close match in the final of the 6 stones, when Harvey Alecock and Matty Hodgson battled out the final. No fewer than five bouts were needed to separate them. In the first the two swung and swung each other many times before hitting the canvas in a heap which could only be a dog-fall. Harvey then struck with a lift and a twist to go ahead. My notes on the third bout say "total confusion"....another dog-fall. Then Matty evened the score, but, at last, in the fifth bout Harvey dived over his man to win the day.
Ahead of their trip to Brittany next week for their Backhold Championships, Abi Marston and Thomas Gibson were on good form: Abi won the 8½ stones and the girls classes; Thomas won both the Under 15 Years and the Under 18 Years, hiping well.

The drive home from the Club after the Points Night was through a biblical storm, and you start to wonder how high the waves and the floods may be by next Thursday when a bus-load of wrestlers heads for the Ferry at Plymouth. The Bretons are subject to the same dire weather as Cornwall and Devon, and they have had their share of flooding recently. Luckily, the host city, Quimper, is nicely inland and not on a flood-plain.

Watch this space .

Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night - February
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
6 Stone H Alecock M Hodgson J Gibson C Wharton
7 Stone M Wharton C Wharton J Gibson M Hodgson
8½ Stone Marston M Wharton R Armstrong G Coulthard
10 Stone T Wales M Wharton R Armstrong A Marston
Girls 8½ Stone A Marston G Coulthard    
Girls Open A Marston G Coulthard    
Under 12 Years R Armstrong G Coulthard J Gibson M Hodgson
Under 15 Years T Gibson A Marston T Wales R Armstrong
Under 18 Years T Gibson W Wilson T Wales A Marston
Best Performance Trophy R Armstrong      
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2014).

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