Men's Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club



When I look at the fuzzy photographs I took in the challenging light of the Currock House Gymnasium during the January Men's Points Night, I see a cold, austere scene with few people in a stark room. My memories on the other hand are of a warm night of athleticism, skill, sportsmanship and good humour. The camera does sometimes lie, or at least not show the full picture.

The list of results shows little that is unexpected, with the regular winners winning, with the exception of Richard Fox in the heavyweights who has been on top of the pile previously. His look of surprise when James Hall chested him down just as the fireworks were set to go off spoke volumes.

In the Lightweights, Andrew Carlile has had the pleasure of seeing his protégés, David and Kieran Miller, win championships last year, but in the here and now, in the first competitive wrestling of 2014, his task was to beat them on the mats. David Miller boldly went for the buttock which had given him success on the grass, but Carlile was waiting for him and felled him with a counter-twist. Kieran Miller's usual exuberance was controlled by Carlile with a strong hold and finished with a clever twist. Andrew Carlile was unbeaten in the round-robin.
John Harrington, too, went through unbeaten in the Middleweights, giving a master-class on the outside-hipe en route. He needed an extra twist to finish off Kieran Miller, but laid out David Miller so neatly that the fall was won a foot above the mat.
 Richard Fox fells Jack Ewart

The Heavyweights seemed to involve a lot of hopping. Jack Ewart had John Harrington lifted high, but was unable to execute a clean hipe. Instead, he put Harrington onto one leg several times and the hopping began again until Harrington escaped and showed him how to do it. Much the same sequence took place when Richard Fox met Harrington and was unable to get rid of the hank until an extra lift and twist finished the job.

Every wrestler could take something home from the night from either the main competition or the exuberant and spontaneous wrestling which took place after the main event.

The deadline for responding to the Bretons' invitation to their Backhold Championships has arrived, and despite a slow take-up initially, there is now a party of thirty due to travel to Quimper in February. Only half the party will be wrestling, but they consist of a goodly range of age, weight and experience. Four of them are fourteen year-old girls. Darren Whitfield, the Rothbury Academy coach is the organiser, and that is reflected in the number of Northumbrian older gadgies who are travelling along. In that company for four days I may well revert to the language of my youth, full of "divvents" and "nowts" and "clarts".


Carlisle Wrestling Club Men's January Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11½ Stone A CarlileD Miller K Miller T Gibson
13Stone J Harrington A CarlileK Miller D Miller
All Weights J Hall R Fox J Harrington J Ewart
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2013).

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